ZTGD | Fluster Cluck (PS4) Review

Justin Celani writes: When a game lands in your lap called Fluster Cluck, your mind begins to wonder exactly what sort of game this could be. I had no prior knowledge of it or its developer, and went in with as blank of a slate as possible. I knew one thing and one thing only; “it’s a twin stick shooter” they said. Nothing could have truly prepared me for what the game had to offer.

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uth111489d ago

So are you saying this isn't GOTY?

jegheist20141489d ago

ouch was bout to buy this this is 1st review i seen ill wait till bout good 10 pop up to see overall results on avg review scores

born_naughty1488d ago

Shit, I just bought this game because of the PS+ discount. Was looking for a game to play with friends locally and there aren't many choices... Hope we can still enjoy it.