Top 8 Video Game Heroes That Are Animals

Welcome to Top 8 Video Game Heroes That Are Animals list, this list contains the best video games heroes all the time, some of them are from the Golden Age of Arcade Games, like Donkey kong and Ninja Turtles, they continue their journey in gaming and released new titles in the series.

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GreenRanger1488d ago

Where's Mario?

I know he's a man and all but I'll be damned if that big shnoz of his ain't some form of jungle beast.

Relientk771488d ago

I would have added Crash Bandicoot

other than that, great list

persona4chie1488d ago

This list is a fail for a few reasons.

1. the tags say pc,ps3 and psp...yet we have dk and pikachu on the list.
2.Fox mccloud saves solar systems so to speak...if that's not a hero then I don't know what is.

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