The PSTV May Be The Final Nail In The Vita Coffin

Cinelinx: "The hope was simple, the PSTV was supposed to kill the Vita in a polite way. It was supposed to become the new focus, but thanks to this new focus it meant new games. More PSTV users, meant more Vita compatible fans, and more games! So sure, whatever, rebrand the thing and make PSTV save the Vita, right?"

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rarity1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I wonder why so many people hate the vita and claim it's dead even when it gets AAA support and a new non Indie/non pervy game announced literally every other week? Yeah the sales/support for it outside of Japan are piss poor but that doesn't mean it's dead if it were dead then freedom wars never would've sold over 400,000 units at launch or get localized,sword art online never would've sold 400,000 copies worldwide,digimon cyber sleuth never would've been made and the vita never would've got project Morpheus support/ps now support. maybe they're just mad at the ps4's lead this Gen and need to bash something PlayStation?

Soldierone1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I think you should actually read the article to get answers to your own question. It talks about why the Vita is great, so it isn't even bashing it. It offers fixes to problems, and even states the Vita is doing fine in Japan as you suggested. You just have to read past the headline...

BTW Sony is putting PS Now and Project Morpheus on pretty much everything they make.

Edit: Okay this post is now targeted at Nidhogg since they clearly did not read it past the headline haha

rarity1463d ago

I know I'm talking about all the other people and "journalists" who keep claiming that the vita's dead

MeteorPanda1463d ago

to be fair. why should we even bother reading with a crappy title like that? Clickbait?

Ult iMate1463d ago

Flamebait provoking headlines is a signs of poor journalism. Seriously. The article should be consistent from the headline to the last dot.

TomShoe1463d ago

Another Vita is dead article


Don't like it, don't buy it. Just don't hate on those who do.

Soldierone1463d ago

Okay, supposedly N4G has the "clickbait" judges galore. haha

If Vita articles offend you so much, why do click them and go in with a negative attitude? What did you want instead? "Vita is Doing fantastic, Here's why!" or "Lackluster sales of PSTV give faith to Vita!"

All I said was read the article and get a whole bunch of hate for it lol Instead of just blatant hate, why not draw conclusions on why factual points are wrong? Vita has so many retail games? List them! Vita is doing fine? Show people numbers. Sony is giving it support? Show their projects, keynotes, or simply prove what you read wrong.

@Ultimate, if you read the article you would understand the big emphasis on the word "MAY." It doesn't say Vita "IS" dead, it doesn't say it "IS" doomed, it says "MAY" be in trouble. And as suggested the article IS " consistent from the headline to the last dot, " by explaining why it MAY be in trouble and needs help.

Just because a headline doesn't agree with your opinion of something does not make it a flamebait or clickbait headline, it's an opinion. People vary in opinions, get over it.

geez lol, the negativity in these parts is insane!

morganfell1463d ago

The title should read, "Sites Like Cinelinx May Be The Final Nail In The Game Journalism Coffin".

miyamoto1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Gamers are busy playing games and wants to know the next big thing, the latest and the greatest for their favorite hobby. That is how things move forward. Be positive we have no time nor need for negative headlines. Gamers don't go out to read negative stuff but progressive positive stuff.

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Soldierone1463d ago

In that case it is my bad, I thought you were just grouping this one up with the others. I apologize!


You seriously just made a clickbait tittled article and want to blame the readers for mistaking your clickbait for everyone else's clickbait? Yeah, right...

cpayne931463d ago

Those titles are not AAA, they don't have anywhere near the budget to be called AAA. What games are you referring to?

SteamPowered1463d ago

In all honesty though, I have never even heard of any game you have just mentioned. Whether the vita is thriving or flailing, there isnt a lot of name recognition put towards it. Another Little Big Planet or Infamous spin off would be a nice way to garner some attention for the vita.

Skips1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

"or Infamous spin off would be a nice way to garner some attention for the vita."

True. I honestly think Sony's home consoles should be home to main installments of their BIG series and the Vita should get all the spinoffs/prequels along with some new IPs. For example God Of War Ascension should've been for the Vita, like how Killzone: Mercenary, or Uncharted Golden Abyss was. : /

Also imo...
Infamous Second Son = Vita
True Infamous sequel (Infamous 3) = PS4
Killzone Shadow Fall = Vita
True Killzone sequel (Killzone 4) = PS4

etc. etc.

Not to mention all their smaller budget PS3 games like Rain and Puppeteer that would've been received better as Vita games. SMH

rainslacker1462d ago

Hmmm...AC, Batman, Uncharted all had spin offs, and they did reasonably well.

I know the Vita isnt selling like hotcakes, but it does sell software. If it continues to sell software, games will continue to be made for it.

LBP2 is already available for the system, but a spin-off or LBP3 would be welcome as well. it works well on the system.

I personally like the Vita only games for the system. Gravity Rush was excellent. Freedom Wars looks great, along with a bunch of other Sony 1st party games which would be AAA on a console, but for some reason are dismissed as crap because they're on Vita.

Sony has most of their focus on the PS4 right now though. But they are bringing support for it. If games keep selling on the system, then other 3rd parties will continue to support it as well. It's just a long road for the Vita, and not an instant success.

Torque_CS_Lewith1463d ago

Lol oh come off it. The Vita has been dying way before the PS4 success and people have been saying so for just as long.

You just want to divert every Sony negativity into a "hey lets talk about PS4 sales" fest because that's about the only thing going right over there.

Spotie1463d ago

Don't care about Sony stuff, but you're always in a related article, putting their products down.

Would you mind trolling elsewhere, please?

donwel1462d ago

They said the same about the Wii U but that's still going.

ritsuka6661463d ago

people hate the vita and claim it's dead even when it gets AAA support and a new non Indie/''

Nice sarcasm here. Please show one AAA game vita get ALL WEEK PLEASE.

cpayne931463d ago

Bunch of disagrees but nobody is actually making a counter argument. -_-

rainslacker1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Define AAA. Do you mean budget, presentation, or both? I'll be happy to respond with any definition you so choose.

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nidhogg1463d ago

Again with all of these Vita coffins!!! It ain't gonna die. Too many UNREASONABLE haters AND journalists not finding any more topics to get hits on =_=

rxl2091463d ago

the vita is dead....wii u and xbox1 still havent outsold it. XD I love this gen

joeorc1463d ago

Lol Some gamers other than some are just upset this playstation system that = "Life" as a Zombie just will not die, no natter how many times its shoved into a coffin and nails are hammered in what's funny at this rate Playstation Vita will have a very snazzy line of coffins in its collection accounting for how many times it was said to have been dead and burried..lmao Some I think are by the Playstation Vita not being able to die off like some have called over and over , maybe there is a bet going on? Who knows. Ithink many had a taste for a Sony failure of the PSPGo and wanted another, that's what it is.

The ironic thing is The Playstation TV is being targeted toward the streaming TV box market not really as just a playstation being another playstation with the market leader being Apple and after 7 years an 4 generations of Apple TV and With life time to date of 27 Million units sold world wide in 7 years time.. I do not think Sony is really all that worried right now on the streaming box market front loaded sales right this min when the PS4 is also along with the PS3 a streaming content box.

Sony I'd bet is making sure resource priority is the PS4, than the PSVita and playstation TV. For Pete sake the psvita TV just released OCT 14th and yet here we are with a write up like this. Hey here is a hint.

The PSvita as a platform has been dead for many gamers for the past almost 3 years yet its still being sold in retail chain stores. Getting yet a slim line release and a micro-Game console release.

But..but where is the AAA releases? LMAO
If it does its auto seen as just a watered down PS3 port. That was the big statement complaint on gamer forums, So Sony decided that's if its seen that way anyway why not. Less over upfront cost and with remote play even porting is cheaper. Gamers have no one to blame but them selves.

Is if the majority called it as just a PS3 port machine than that's exactly what we are going to get.

That's why indies and 2nd tier is where the focus is you want exclusives you want unique exclusive games for a handheld get a Nintendo 3DS something because its very clear to Sony and the main market that's is what the majority wants a one dedicated game handheld market. After this does anyone think Sony will be making another dedicated handheld game console money sink?

With PlayStation now and remote play I think we have our answer. At this point bringing indies' and tier 2 or tier 3 games is where they are investing and close out the PSVita as a platform and just go smartphone and tablet next. Enjoy it while it last's I say.

Snookies121463d ago

*looks over shoulder* Yep, my Vita's alive and well.

MeteorPanda1463d ago

oh would these blogs shutup honestly? It's a handheld that's doing ok with indies,jrpgs and some action hack and slash...

Been hearing about the death of vita for a year now. resilient bugger.

Anon19741463d ago

Longer than that! According to some the Vita was stillborn. This is nearing three years now of "Vita is dead" articles. But should we be surprised? We saw years of "Blu-Ray" death articles, people were saying the PS3 was dead over and over when it didn't sell like the PS2, the PSP was dead because it didn't sell like the DS...on and on it goes. No one is saying Vita sales are setting the world on fire, but these articles are simply tired and lazy.

Iceball20001463d ago

PSTV just came out, I think sony will be adding many more features and improve the remote play and also maybe add in PS3 remote play. Once it's the all in one media device that plays Ps games I think it will get better

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