New Dragon Ball Xenoverse Trailer - 2/5 Release Confirmed

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the upcoming DBZ game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The trailer confirms the already known release date to be February 5th 2015. Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be releasing on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam (PC).

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kayoss1489d ago

So what was this about? I have no clue what he was saying.

DarXyde1489d ago

February 5th?

Good luck to this game is all I can say. Does Bandai Namco not know about Bloodborne? The Witcher 3? Evolve? The Order:1886?

BrunoM1489d ago

Even tho you kinda do have have a point

There people that buy and would buy dragonball game won't stop from it because of any game that you listed ..

DarXyde1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Agreed, but I think people will weigh their options and ultimately opt for the other games. Granted, the other games are all rated M to be sure, but I'm sure that won't deter sales of those games despite being meant for older gamers. People will buy Xenoverse, but I'm feeling fairly certain that its sales will suffer while other releases thrive due to the choices. The other games have good hype behind them too, which I think will give some indication of sales performance.

vishmarx1489d ago

i dunno im a huge dbz fan but having paid for the other 3 games in the month already im having a real hard time....

BrunoM1489d ago

You are right and Vis I see what you mean thing is those games you named do make it look like it would be hard to sell the dragonballz game you guys are missing the point
The game is out in all systems while those games 2 are just on one system and the other 2 are out on 2 systems total but the dragonballz game is out on last gen where it will sell the most and on the new systems too where again if some one is into dragon ball they will buy them no matter what game is coming out

Yetter1489d ago

Really like this to be good