Polk 4 Shot Xbox One Gaming Headset Review – Some Things Do Get Better with Time | COG

COG writes - Although the 4 Shot has been out for awhile, we only got the chance to review them now. This is actually a good thing as a few updates since their initial release have made them a much better purchase now.

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VP371491d ago

The author says there are only stereo headset options for the Xbox One currently, that is not correct. Astro & Turtle Beach both have new & old headsets that enable surround sound via optical connection to the Xbox One.

Dudebro901491d ago

Cheatcc is pretty garbage all together. Not surprised they didn't even do basic fact checking.

Digital_Anomaly1491d ago

He actually stated 'true wireless surround sound' options and in that point he was correct. Newer options that run off of a USB and nothing more would be considered true wireless to me. If I need to fart around behind my console with optical audio cables that involves more wires than I want.

ufo8mycat1491d ago

Theres no such thing as true surround sound headsets, only EMULATED

The Astros EMULATE this and do it very very well.

I would honestly take a great pair of Astro a50s over a 5.1 surround sound system.

The emulation is top notch and the amount of immersion you get from headsets that you just can't get with a 5.1 speaker system, makes it great for games.

Those looking at a new pair of headsets, I would stay away from these to be honest.

Grab the Astro a50's. They are a bit on the pricey side but worth it.