Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Screenshots Surface

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS this winter, bringing the addictive slice of farming life franchise back into the limelight once more.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1490d ago

Animal Crossing is based on this franchise right?

SteamPowered1490d ago

Not really, while there are some similarities, Animal Crossings focus on a social and creative aspect. Harvest Moon plays out by doing chores, building up your farm, looking after animals, and eventually settling down and getting married.
If you like Repetitive Stress Syndrome, Harvest Moon is for you. (Cut the grass, pick up the grass, feed the cows, brush the cows, milk the cows, sleep, cut the grass, pick up the grass....)

locomorales1490d ago

Partially yes. Animal Crossing is more like a mix between Harvest Moon and The Sims.

snowbearder1490d ago

This looks like a fun 3DS game

TenBensons1490d ago

My kid is waiting for a new HM game lol

ThanatosDMC1490d ago

Wait for Story of Seasons for the real Harvest Moon game.

SteamPowered1490d ago

Nice little stocking stuffer for myself :)

MeteorPanda1490d ago

Rune factory > harvest moon

Wheres mah rune factory on 3ds or vita!?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1490d ago

Rune Factory 4 is on 3DS since last year.

Rune Factory only been on PS once. It won't come to Vita anytime soon.

MeteorPanda1490d ago

it never came to Europe/australia. Must you taunt me so?

Sly-Lupin1490d ago

I still need to finish RF4. I did like four dungeons/bosses but have really just spent most of my time farming.

Do Harvest Moon games have anything over on Rune Factory? Are the NPC interactions more detailed or anything (Like Persona S-Links)?

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