Pick Up a PS4 For $360 Right Now

NewEgg offering quite a nice deal right now on Sony's latest console through eBay.

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ABizzel11519d ago

You can trade in your PS3 to best buy and get $100 off the PS4, if you have 2 controllers it's $120 off.

$279 - $299

But that PS3 PS+ is just so hard to give up.

S2Killinit1519d ago

Damn if only i hadnt already bought mine

qwerty6761519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

sooo tempted

when i saw this deal earlier today i was very close to biting, but then i thought, what would i play on it, all the good games come in 2015, i feel like it would sit unused.

but idk, im still waiting for that killer deal.

i got an xbox one/destiny/12m xbl for $430 im waiting for deal like that for ps4 i guess.

still this is very tempting lol i have the money sitting right there waiting to be used.

AidenPearce1519d ago

I'd look around for deals on Black Friday, even if games that interest you are comin out in 2015.

BeefCurtains1519d ago

Now I only need to wish for $360... Darn that's a good price for a killer console in its first year!

Eidolon1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

First time I've seen NewEgg sell them at this Price, though it's this price new at reputable retailers on eBay quite often.