Project CARS Dev Teasing Nürburgring Related Reveal

Just yesterday it was announced that Prodject Cars will make another public showing at this weekend's MCM London Comic Con. Now the developer seems to be teasing something new.

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Dlacy13g1511d ago

I will get excited for this...closer to March. The delay of this game put it on the back burner for hype for me.

crazychris41241511d ago

Was really looking forward to playing it next month. Oh well plenty of games to play before the march release. But that game better be almost perfect since it has been delayed a couple times.

ATi_Elite1510d ago

Delay delay delay no problem because I hate 20gb day one patches and after BF4 and that whole terrible launch I'm cool and with delays to polish.

Trust me Pcars is no Drive club and it will surely deliver a racing experience we have never been privy to.

I really enjoy the real time physics and how the cars handling changes after damage it makes it so realistic.

But if you just want to mash one button and go fast then Pcars may not be for you as the game is a true simulator.

Even the pc version gets better every week and support will continue for a long time because the community has lots of input on the pc side and hopefully slightly made can get incorporate the pc game play into the consoles.

Game play first and screw 1080p if it detracts from game play as this whole 1080p hype is costing gamers some next gen gameplay