Battle Yetis With The Far Cry 4 Season Pass

Clipping Error discusses the Far Cry 4 season pass, what content it gives you, what we know right now, and gives you all the info you need to decide whether you want to buy it.

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XTGN1430d ago

Killer elephants, now yetis. looking forward to it, either that or a trip to the zoo.

ThunderPulse1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Already....D..L..C...for an unreleased game... :(

LackTrue4K1430d ago

did you just start gaming ??? this is nothing new, and guess what..."you don't have to buy it"

GreetingsfromCanada1430d ago

Sadly all games have dlc, I see the fact they are actually telling us what's in things like the season pass as a good thing

shloobmm31430d ago

They do have to plan DLC in advance. It doesnt just spring up over night and developers want their games to jave longevity.

tanukisuit1430d ago

*sharpens hunting knife*

I wonder how many wallets I can make... *evil grin*

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