NHL 15 Update Returns Online Team Play, Adds Be A GM Draft

GoodGameBro writes, "Releasing in a bare-bones state which led this site to suggest a score of “Wait” at launch, NHL 15 has slowly been adding back in features that users had expected to be in the game from Day 1 through content updates on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. Today, the free content update for October has returned Online Team Play and added NHL Entry Draft presentation to Be A GM mode, along with other updates."

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CoryHG1514d ago

This game shouldn't release in September because of rosters anyways.

SkippyPaccino1514d ago

Do I have to restart my Gm mode for this to work or will it automatically fix itself?

SteamPowered1514d ago

So either EA scrambled to get these updates out to evade the ire of the internet, or they had in mind to release all the dropped content as a DLC later. Thank goodness they have the sense to put out the content for free.

mochachino1514d ago

Still no club play. This game may have gone from the most popular game among my friends and I to nothing.

Some of us got the PS3 version because the next-gen version are lacking, but no one really plays it now. A lot of people sold they're PS3s or don't want to spend their gaming budgets on PS3 games.

The series may be done for us.