Here’s a new racing game for PS4 you probably didn’t know about

You might think that Motocycle Club has a suspiciously similar name to Driveclub but let’s chalk that one up to a coincident for now. The racing title lets you join clubs and take part in races and championships and unlock new bikes and events while facing off rival clubs.

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blakstarz1513d ago

This looks pretty an arcade version of MotoGP with various location instead of racing around a track.

Hope it turns out good.

Perjoss1513d ago

They should really consider removing the word Club from the title of this game.

The Meerkat1513d ago

Yeah, that word will now forever be associated with failure.

Motorcycle Gang would work.

andibandit1513d ago

save us all some time and call it
"Motorcycle Debacle"

s1lentone1513d ago

What they need to do is bring back road rash. Oh and allow us to custom our bike/human with armor and melee weapons. I can only dream.

Allsystemgamer1513d ago

The game cover had horrible photoshop work. Look at the tires

spence524901513d ago

No way that's the cover art for it. There's barely any information about this and it's still in development for PS3 according to the dev's website. No way this is coming out next month and we've heard nothing about it.

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