Arguing 'Grand Theft Auto IV' With N'Gai

Kotaku writes: "Once a month or so, N'Gai Croal and I debate a video game. Usually we do it well after a game's been released. The latest debate concluded this morning. It's all about Grand Theft Auto IV. We talked about bringing our A game for this one. Or at least we would have if we spoke in sports metaphors. It's full of spoilers... about the game's moral quandaries, its ending and other stuff. So beware.

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crimsonfox3554d ago

awww haha i forgot his name...awww

RevN8r3554d ago

Do you mean Grimmace?

highdro3554d ago

who still gives a f about gta4...every one knows that game was overhyped and gta3 has more fun things to do in it than gta4.

OmarJA3554d ago

aaaaahhhhhhhhh it's the bogeyman