EGX 2014: Lords of the Fallen Preview - VGU

At EGX 2014, Dom was able to get his hands on the new title from Square Enix, Lords of the Fallen. With it being a direct competitor against the Souls Series, does it match up to expectations?

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Aon1515d ago

Lords of the Fallen have very nice solution to for example die and recovery our lost experience. We can pick up it or no and if we don't pick up it this soul will heal us:) It will be nice when we die close to boss. This game promising to be very interesting RPG game.

riverside6661509d ago

and it is from what I understand, if you wait to the collection of your body (experience) with every second that you can pick up experience after death is reduced .. yes?

ThePowerpuffGirl1514d ago

For a long time it looks like that will be great. Everything points to: materials that are displayed, and each article, interested players. No wonder, then, that it is the most awaited premiere.