Sledgehammer opens up about the cancelled third-person Call of Duty

MWEB GameZone writes: "With the launch of the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise imminent, the game's development studio opened up about the project they were originally hired to create and the circumstances that brought them to Advanced Warfare."

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plut0nash1463d ago

Was it really a good idea to see a third person COD? Hmm...

lord zaid1463d ago

Why not? They made an MMO from a RTS once. That seemed to go down a treat.

supersonicjerry1463d ago

cod had third person game modes on mw2 and it was fun actually

3-4-51463d ago was a nice change of pace to play for a few rounds every now and then.

HanCilliers1463d ago

Well, then we got Titanfall...

Borma1463d ago

What does Titanfall have to do with anything? Or are you hinting that Sledgehammer Games started working on Advanced Warfare 2-3 years ago, scrapped what they were doing in March when Titanfall came out and decided to copy Titanfall? The campaign is built around the Exosuit's and the Boost Jumping. These dev's at Sledgehammer Games must be miracle workers to just scrap what they were doing after 2 years and start fresh and make a brand new game in...2 months. (since the reveal of the game was in May and Titanfall came out in March) *SMH*

Tempest3171463d ago

Theyve had a bit more than two months...titanfall was officially announced a year before it came out, with, and information about it had been released before not saying sledgehammer DID copy anything, but youre blindly arguing that they would have had to scrap everything and rebuild in 2 months is just silly...more than enough information was available about titanfall that they easily could have years building this

Scatpants1462d ago

They could have added all the double jump stuff between the time Titanfall was shown and now. They probably didn't, but it's possible.

Scatpants1462d ago

Tat would be cool. They should do that.