Q&A: XboxMAD talks to the dev's over at Other Ocean about Twitter integrated title #IDARB

#IDARB is an [email protected] game, featuring innovative progression of crowd sourced feedback, as well a crowd sourced game play mechanics. Spectators can interfere with in-progress matches using the #IDARB hash tag on twitter or via Twitch streams of the game. Envisage the chaos.

I recently caught up with Mike Mika of Other Ocean to discuss all things #IDARB. Read on to discover what makes this intrepid game utterly unique. Oh, and Goatse?

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qwerty6761486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

this is a very cool concept.

interested to see where it goes.

Lenrulesdaworld1486d ago

Awesome job guys, can't wait to see how this game plays out. Really looking forward to this game espcially with all things people can do to obstruct the game.