Forza Motorsport Experience to Open Next Year at Prestigious Petersen Automotive Museum

The prestigious Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles will temporarily close tomorrow for a period of major renovation, but the hiatus is accompanied by an announcement via press release that might please racing games fan.

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Immorals1488d ago

Racing games fan? Was sure there was more than one of me..

Naga1488d ago

They were clearly referring to me.

Team_Litt1488d ago

Dan Greenwalt and the gang at T10 and Playground can take a bow, their passion for cars is getting recognition.

Me-Time1488d ago

Definitely. As much as I hate the ridiculous amount of rehashed (and new) DLC that they release, I appreciate what they've been accomplishing. Even though they released FM5 in its small form (which is an opinion), I understand that they did it for the sake of a launch release.