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Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn was revealed over two years ago during Sony’s E3 presentation as a gimmicky PlayStation Move game filled with unnecessary motion controls, but this concept for the game was eventually scrapped thanks to the PlayStation 4’s looming release date.

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whateva1456d ago

but now Move isn't needed because DS4 is basically a Move controller within a standard controller design.

pat_11_51456d ago

Have you played the game? Have you talked to the developers? It doesn't "basically" have the same controls.

There are elements of motion controls that remain from the game's still in-development PS3 iteration, but it doesn't compare to when Until Dawn was designed from the ground-up as a Move title.

Nice try though.

ssjkiet1456d ago Show
hkgamer1456d ago

i wouldnt be surprised if it was the same type of game it was suppose to be.

tastas211456d ago Show
KiwiViper851456d ago

Minimal gameplay, but check out the graphics!

Fizzler1456d ago

That should be Sony's motto.

WeAreLegion1456d ago

It upsets me that someone who trolls every article has the same amount of bubbles as me. -_-

DigitalRaptor1455d ago

@ WeAreLegion

Why the heck do you only have two bubbles? That's outrageous.

Here have one!

hkgamer1456d ago

pretty much that, its a 3d interactive choice horror movie.

something similar to heavy rain?

im interested in this game but for others they may feel that there isnt enough action or interaction.

NikeJustDoesit1456d ago

I have a feeling the game won’t be scary... It’ll be like any other generic C-Grade horror flick.

OB1Biker1456d ago

I think its supposed to be more fun to play than really scary except some jump scares. Looks very nice and fun to play

Agent20091456d ago

Seems like a one big pile of overrated crap for them Sony fanboys, who'll buy just anything as long as it has realistic graphics. Meanwhile, looking objectively, it's nothing more than a cliche, B-category horror deprived of any scariness and any substantial gameplay. Even The Evil Within does better than that, cause at least it has some decent level design and, well, 'real' gameplay.

Gamers are embarrassing creatures. They'll drop their pants literally for any title that rocks spectacular visuals (except for Crytek, we don't like anything from Crytek). You don't see that kind of thing going on with movie fans - they don't get that easily excited when they see a trailer for some crappy Hollywood blockbuster that's heavy on special effects.

HeWhoWalks1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Man, the trolling in here is bad, and we don't even have 10 comments, yet.

OT: In any event, since I'm someone that actually CARES to play the game, the re-do looks good! A few hiccups and rough edges here-and-there, but otherwise, it looks, to me, more interesting than when it was originally shown for the PS3. Hoping for that ObsCure/old RE feel!

pat_11_51456d ago

It definitely seems like an improvement over what the game was original set to be.

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