Should We Be Using Celebrity Likenesses in Video Games?

CCC Says: "Recently, there has been a bit of legal conflict concerning the use of “celebrity” likenesses in video games. Perhaps the biggest the biggest one in the news right now is Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto V. She claims that one of the promotional characters for the game, a girl on a beach in a bikini taking a selfie, is a direct reference to Lohan herself. The character’s name is Lacey Jonas, a anorexic actress who contracts you to help her dodge paparazzi. Lohan argues that the character was inspired by a character that she played in Mean Girls."

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SpiralTear1492d ago

I didn't think this character looked anything like Lindsay Lohan until she brought it up herself.

rdgneoz31491d ago

Yah, the model used for the character is actually good looking. Not a crack addicted attention *****.

As for the model:

"The real woman who inspired GTA V's bikini gal was model Shelby Welinder. She was hired by video game producer Rockstar through her agency to model for the advertisement in the fall of 2012."

voicingofreason1491d ago

I'd take her over Lindsay any day of the week!

orakle441491d ago

Agree, she looks like Kate Upton to me, certainly not Lindsay Lohan.

Crazyglues1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Yeah I was just going to say the same thing, looks a lot more like Kate Upton -->

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DragoonsScaleLegends1491d ago

Even though I don't think this looks like Lindsay Lohan, wasn't this based off a real model not just made up.

chrissx1491d ago

That girl on the beach is everything lindsay lohan dreams to be. Some "celeb" likeness is ok e.g ellie in tlou lookin like ellen page and duke nukem looking like arnie swarzneger

Gravity_DoGG1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I don't care. I just want some new GTA V current gen news and/or gameplay for the PS4 version.Sadface

SteamPowered1491d ago

I would be more excited to see my likeness in a game. With Kinect and PSeye out, I kind of hoped this would be a thing already. I understand there are a couple sports games out that lets you map your face onto a character, but I really thought that feature would be mainstream.

Hellsvacancy1491d ago

Since when did Batman ever reveal his face?

SteamPowered1491d ago

I have a very noble chin ;)

pkb791491d ago

They where doing in on PS2 games with original eyetoy if I remember right. I think it was Tony Hawk game or something. I could be way off but it's worth a Google. But it has definitely been done, just not well.

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