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gamrReview's Daniel Carreras: "Driveclub feels like it was made in a vacuum of time, one in which no racing games have been released since the original Gran Turismo for the PS1. Evolution Studios have failed to adapt to the advances and changes made to the ever-changing racing genre (not least in the realm of driver AI) and in so doing have missed out on a lot of what makes modern racing games fun."

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KiwiViper851488d ago

Ouch, few good points, but blaming the game for your lack of skill?

Seems a common theme that reviewers think its mediocre, but players are enjoying it.

But with only NFS Rivals to compare it to i'd say PS4 was a bit starved of racers. Rivals is better imo.

raymantalk11487d ago

if you could turn back the clock and change its name from Driveclub to Forza and put it on the xbox1 it would be getting shit loads of high scores and everyone shouting how great a game it is, i have it and it is an amazing game gfx's blow forza out of the water by a mile and the game play is just like driving a real car unlike forza is but go ahead and disagree all you xbox trolls which i know you are going to do but what i say is the truth deny it all want.

KiwiViper851487d ago

Too bad it had to go head to head with Forza the aye. Another 6 months and DriveClub would be getting a totally different reception.

GribbleGrunger1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

It's absolutely astonishing to see the total disconnect between how gamers are responding to this game and how it's being reviewed. I've seen it before but never on this scale. It's almost as if there are two versions of Driveclub.

donthate1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

It is actually astonishing why there hasn't been more outrage at the crappy online service these gamers has received, and the lack of outcry.

At this point, if I only owned a PS4 I would take whatever racing game I can get as well, even if it is a slightly below mediocre game. Glad it is free on PS+, because that is all it is worth.

DriveClub has been a complete disaster!!

OculusRift1488d ago

Whoo, that stealth edit tho.

Death1488d ago

Depends on the gamers you are talking to. Customer reviews on Amazon and Metacritic aren't far off from the critic reviews and sometimes worse.

Death1488d ago

I'm with you Riderz, some of these have a pretty clear agenda. Some don't though.

Some are completely off the wall. I would think owning the game would be a requirement to reviewing it.

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gangsta_red1488d ago

I find it astonishing that this developer delayed this game for a year and it still turned out with less features, less options, server/online issues weeks after release and a PS+ version that has not been delivered (which is oddly suspicious).

Like I said before, a few bad reviews over a sea of praise and awards and I would see this as clickbait but when the majority of reviews have called this game mediocre then it's time to stop the defending and the blaming of game reviewers and journalists. Maybe it's time to chalk this one up as an "L" for Sony.

Corpser1488d ago

Lol just how are gamers respond positively to this game at all? i mean other than people like you that defends anything Sony. This game is a disaster

MrPink20131488d ago

"It's absolutely astonishing to see the total disconnect between how gamers are responding to this game and how it's being reviewed."

Total disconnect? You might want to choose your words better since people are still having issues connecting at all 2 weeks after release.

I certainly don't think this game deserves a 5.8 but the game has been a major screw up since it was announced. A full year delay with lots of hype over the PS+ version only to have that get scrapped until they can stabilize the servers. Very embarassing to say the least. There's also lots of complaints about how aggressive the A.I. is when you get penalized when they bump into your car. Plus the rubberband A.I. that goes on if you are in last place.

The sense of speed is amazing, the graphics outstanding. Car selection poor.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1487d ago

It seems like gamers who enjoy a challenge are enjoying DriveClub. The people who keep complaining about the A.I. are the same people who allow the A.I. to beat them. "Boo Hoo, DriveClub is too hard 5/10"

Rattlehead201487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

It's not that the AI is hard, it's just that it is pretty bad.

They seem unable to spot a bright green car with flashy multicoloured vinyls in front of them, for example, and just ram you off the track.

I enjoy the game, not as much as I thought I would, mainly because the AI just frustrates me too much.

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Sm00thNinja1488d ago

PlayStation gamers swear it's the best racer eever still wait in on the PlayStation Plus version but this game had disaster written on it months ago shame because it had a lot of promise from the reveal

SKullDugger1488d ago

DC had promise but fell short. The Project Gotham racing series is far better then this game in all areas. I rented DC from gamefly played it for 3 days my driver level is 26 and club level is 6 because of servers issues your skill points don't allows apply to your club and the AI is venomus to say the least they for you into guardrails and anytrack side items and pit manuver you in corners costing skill points and you get time penalties and if you get in front and have a good lead it won't last the rubberband your ass and catch right up even if you have a better car. My last complaint is night racing your headlights light up nothing you drive blind except for the tail lights the cars in front of you.

stalepie1488d ago

He states that you can't adjust computer car difficulty, but you can when playing single races (the tour is an upward climb in difficulty, so each section gets harder). He also says hyper cars handle atrociously - some are hard to control, sure, like the Hennesey Venom. Is it accurate? I don't know, I haven't driven one. But the Pagani Zonda R has much less drifting to it.

Strange to me that it complains that there's no narrative to encourage you to play. This is a requirement now in driving games? I just want a good track racer, which is what I got. I saw someone else complain recently that Pix the Cat didn't have a narrative (and docked points for it in his review).

WeAreLegion1488d ago

That Zonda grips like a mofo. Even in Gran Turismo, it doesn't want to come off that pavement. Handy on straightaways.

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