Endless Comic: Review Embargo Overdrive

Endlessbacklog thought it be fitting to counter Insomniac's Sunset Overhype joke, and maybe put a spot light on a recent bad trend.

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ThinkThink1492d ago

Insomniac didn't say you couldn't use that term, just that it was lazy. In other words, if you're going to bash their game, put in a little effort and get creative with it or don't. Either way, I would hardly include them in the same category as the other two.

Talgrath1491d ago

If you want to talk about corruption in the gaming press, this comic is a great and quick explanation of it. In order to get access to the game early, games journalists have to kow tow to the company, letting their reviews or previews be viewed by the company first or not releasing bad press or bad footage and it even comes down to the words written on the articles now or spoken in the videos. Movie critics (usually) don't have the same cozy relationship and they regularly get early screenings, why is the games industry so much more tight-lipped about it?