5 Worst Pet Peeves From Last Gen That Are Still Around

The seventh generation was quite historical; it was the longest video game console generation in history (over seven years) and introduced us to many new wonders — as well as the pet peeves that still plague us today.

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TheLyonKing1514d ago

If there is one game that's done it right this gen it's bayonetta 2, all unlock able are not behind a pay wall they are just there with the game to unlock, plus giving the first bayonetta with it.

I just wish this was the standard rather than the exception.

smoothdude1514d ago

My main complaint is day-one patches. Gone are the days when you buy a completed game from the store. Now developers rush a game out knowing that it isn't complete because they can patch the game after it has been released. I am thinking of you Battlefield 4!

Then you go to Gamestop and they ask if you want to preorder a game?!? I stopped preordering games last generation and I wait for a couple of months before buying my new games.

WeAreLegion1514d ago

Wii - 2006
Wii U - 2012

Technically, the generation was only six years.

AKR1514d ago

I was counting from the release of the last system (PS3). If you really want to get technical; it actually started with the DS - which was 2004. 360 and PSP followed in '05, with Wii and PS3 and '06.

WeAreLegion1514d ago

The PS3 also released in 2006.

AKR1513d ago

@WeAreLegion - I said that. I made a typo, though - should be "in '06" . Also, why all the dislikes?

Ghanja1514d ago

My biggest, should also be every console gamers, annoyance is and was multiplatform games having the same features even less on all consoles. If i bought a ps3 version of the game its no different on other platform just "exclusivity" rights?! The covers, artworks, really it couldnt be changed to have its own distinction from one another? Really?? Why no oned ever complained about that, are we drones to just buy products n accept it? Credit to minecraft and soul calibour.

RondoMachete1514d ago

Can't remember how many games I've brought that get less content just because it's on a different console, I understand it's about making money but not everyone can afford both a PS3 or 360 now XB1 or PS4. So why do they do it is beyond me. if it's the same game then their should be no reason at all why everyone shouldn't get all the content available.

TheGrimReaper00111514d ago

5 en 3 especially
Those store prices are just insane!
On top of the fact that every game now comes with DLC

ninjahunter1514d ago

Very true list. Sadly nothing of that is within user control.

tinkypop1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Don't buy the game thats control.
Gamer Have been damage control for companys for years.
Best i have heard is i just wait till its patch to play it.
Its ok i pay £60 for a game i can not play. then defend it to the death because its going be patch 2/3months later.
Then people rip Nintendo fans a new one because we dont put up with this bs.
Game come out with missing content and half made, Nintendo fans don't buy the game.
So who the idiot here, Nintendo fans for not buying a bad game or the rest for buying and defending.
Sadly most gamer have made there bed and time to sleep in it.
Like it all to stop, don't buy it.
Would you buy a car with the engine missing?
Then defend said car because you was told the engine will turn up in 2 months?

No people would wait till complete or not buy.

this is not aim at you by the way.

N4g_null1514d ago

Only elitist would act that way. Some gamers would rather win the console war rather than play great games. These gamers are desperate for good games and publishers know it. The problem is they are creating artificial problems. If they fumble the solution then we could see a fall in confidence in gaming as a hobby and worthy past time. The pretty graphics with hype pr is only going to work for so long.