Shadow of Mordor Doesn’t Respect Your Intelligence

Nick enjoyed Shadow of Mordor a lot, but thinks games we all agree are great should still be viewed with a critical eye. This piece is about how most mainstream video games paint with extremely broad strokes, and in doing so don’t respect our intelligence as players.

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Jaqen_Hghar1514d ago

No they just don't respect the opinion of the public that needs to understand their game in general.

Talgrath1514d ago

Unfortunately, the fact is that games have to dumb it down to reach a wider audience. Ever watch Game of Thrones with someone who doesn't read the books? They're frequently confused and forget characters besides the main ones. And Game of Thrones isn't really that complex of a book or story either. Hell, how many people misquote or misuse Nietzsche quotes? Unfortunately the general public isn't very bright, and if you try to introduce stories with deeper meaning they will either get bored, confused or both.