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BGG: "Skylanders Trap Team is already a fantastic game, and Nightmare Express and Mirror of Mystery Adventure Packs adds even more fun content to the title. Nightmare Express is worth the asking price for fans of the series, but Mirror of Mystery is easily the best of the two releases and is almost an essential addition for Skylanders Trap Team."

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weekev151514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

This is the same site that Activision used to promote Destiny with a 10/10, what are the odds a family member works for Activision?

nikrel1514d ago

The skylanders games are a blast, even more if you have children.

Not saying you are incorrect to be apprehensive of the review but Trap Team is pretty awesome.

weekev151514d ago

I couldnt get my kids into Giants, so skipped on swap force. With Amiibo on the horizon, i know where my toys to life money is going.