Early Final Fantasy games could head to Wii U virtual console

The Final Fantasy series started on the original NES and since then it’s spawned a generation of gamers who love the series. Some who started with later iterations want to go back and experience the story of the first games through the virtual console, but that’s cumbersome as the currently available titles only function in Wii mode. One fan reached out to Square Enix to see if the company would consider porting their games to the Wii U virtual console, and Square Enix responded positively.

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Metallox1518d ago

But Square has been dead for a decade now.

mikeslemonade1518d ago

Virtual Console is lame. Just emulate these games. Don't give Nintendo or Square the easy cash grab.

Spenok1518d ago

Lol really? Apparently you forgot their handhelds have still been awesome (Bravely Default says hello), and FFXIV. While I admit XIV had some serious issues at launch, it has easily taken a turn for the better, as I'm sure anyone who has played it can attest to.

camel_toad1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Even though I grew up with a NES and SNES I never played any FF's until 7 on the PS. Just dreaming here but I would love a remaster of the 8-bit Final Fantasy games. I've 'gotem on an emulator but have been hesitant.

mydyingparadiselost1518d ago

1 and 2 received a remake on the GBA- FF I & II: Dawn of Souls and FF Origins on the PS1. FF III was remade with 3D graphics on the DS along with IV. IV was also released with remade spirit graphics and an epilogue on the PSP.IV V and VI were also brought to the GBA with extra content and some minor graphical improvements.

Spenok1518d ago

This would be a smart move. Bring FFVI and I'm sold. Day one!

AwkwardJamm1518d ago

Ahhh! Please Square Enix! Port your early games back on to newer PlayStation consoles.

Metallox1518d ago

I want to see Final Fantasy games after VII on Nintendo consoles as well.

KrisButtar1518d ago

Great for all those who haven't played them.

NotAFanboyJustReal1518d ago

I laughed out loud when I seen the pricing from Super Mario World on the Wii U eShop. $7.99 for a game that's two decades old? I can get games on the PS3/360 for that price new. What a joke.

NukaCola1518d ago

A digital game is nothing but profit and Square loves to charge insane prices for their games. Even all the PSOne classics on the store are $10 and everything else is 2 to 3 times that. SE then releases the same prices for updated iOS versions and even some iOS games that cost over $30. They have truly lost their ways.

caseh1518d ago

Sure I saw FF6 on the Android store a few months back for £12.99, what a joke.

Great game but I went the way of the pirate and grabbed the .apk for free then realised I preferred the SNES version which I already have on my phone. Go figure. :o

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1518d ago

That isn't a bad price at all. Not sure why you think 8 dollars is too much to pay for a classic Nintendo masterpiece.

NotAFanboyJustReal1518d ago

Because you can get the game for free via ROMs and Emulators?

iamtehpwn1518d ago

Sony charges like $5-8 for PS1 games man. When you put it in that perspective, $8 for an SNES game does seem a bit absurd, you gotta admit.

Tiqila1518d ago

I want first and foremost Zelda: Links Awakening. It's already there for 3DS virtual console. Please, I don't have a copy anymore...

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