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Neil writes "Not content with being the premier track based racer on Xbox, the Forza series is going for the jugular of near on every race game that has ever existed. But will Forza Horizon 2 become a jack of all and master of none or will it leave the rest of the competition trailing in its dust?"

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Masterh0ppa1187d ago

Have been playing this game since release. Full completion 36%. It's insane how much time you can put in this game and still enjoy it! One of the best games this year, that's for sure.

tgunzz1187d ago

I play it for hours at a time (I'm level 122), and 40 pts away from tier 4. I have been playing from the cockpit more (it's wicked). I want a racing chair, and wheel setup now!!!

Perjoss1187d ago

Well theres nothing wrong with dropping a ton of cash on something you love. I bought my first ever flight stick and a Track IR just to play Elite Dangerous.

1187d ago
Jide1187d ago

The definitive racer

1187d ago
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