What Is The Status of Dishonored 2? Bethesda Always Wanted A Franchise

"It’s been two years now since the release of Bethesda’s grim stealth adventure game Dishonored, which was one of the few titles in recent years to really get people talking. It took stealth (something gamers were accustomed to with Assassin’s Creed) flipped it in to first person, and put you within engrossing missions with a welcomed level of freedom.

Though the overarching story was a point of debate, overall the game was critically acclaimed and in 2012 Peter Hines touted that the studio had just found its latest franchise.

Now obviously if something is a franchise we expect a sequel, but thus far not much have emerged to suggest it’s very far along in development."

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Hellsvacancy1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Take your time, make Dishonored 2 the best you can for each platform, I hate yearly franchises, looking at you Ubish!t

Dishonored was one of the funnest games I played last gen, i've still not played the dlc

radler1432d ago

Yeah, Dishonored is without a doubt one of the best games of the previous console generation. If you loved the game you really need to check out the DLC, it's fantastic, and does a nice job of fleshing out some other aspects of the story that you were probably curious about, without interfering with the main game at all.

As for Dishonored 2, I think we'll hear something about it at E3 2015, and maybe a release in 2016? It's obvious that 2-year dev cycles are no longer sufficient for games (unless you're just crapping out iterative sequels, anyways) and I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

SolidGear31432d ago

Iterative and derivative. Very much looking ahead to Dishonored 2. I too need to download the DLC.

Geekman1432d ago

Think about it. without yearly releases how dull would these past 2 years have been. (More than they already were.)

Spenok1432d ago

Imagine if the next one was Next Gen only. That would make my day.

ReesesPuffs1432d ago

You should get around to playing the DLC. It's so much fun playing as Daud and getting a second perspective on what's going on in the Dishonored universe. If you liked the original game you like the DLC. It's definitely worth playing.

Hellsvacancy1432d ago

I keep meaning to buy it, I know soon as I do a remastered version of Dishonored will be announced

Systemshock21432d ago

DLC was way better than main game play it asap.
Thank me later.

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CourierSix1432d ago

I'd rather see Fallout 4.

IIFloodyII1432d ago

Different developers, so you can (and probably will) get both.

alstruck1432d ago

But they probably making it with Bethesda/ZeniMax's money though.

SolidGear31432d ago

Fallout 4 has been in development since at least 2010 from what I remember. Bethesda made a statement about it back then.

Jaqen_Hghar1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

A man liked Dishonored enough to platinum it but it could have used some serious polish as far as movement and presentation went. The combat was certainly lacking for a game that said it gave you the choice (seemed to heavily favor stealth). A man would rather they direct their attention to Elder Scrolls 6 (a man drools when thinking of this on PS4) and Fallout 4 or a spin off of those franchises (in other words doesn't have to be numbered).

Vegamyster1432d ago

I tried playing the game with a controller and didn't like it, it feels great with a M&KB though.

IIFloodyII1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Isn't the dev studio working on something else (rumoured to be Prey 2) currently?
Dishonored 2 will probably happened when they're finished, unless someone else develops it.

Roccetarius1432d ago

No, another studio is working on Prey 2. They're based in both France and Texas.

IIFloodyII1432d ago

Oh, okay, I wouldn't be that surprised if we hear about Dishonored 2 within the year then. VGA/X would probably be when. Or Sony's PlayStation Event in December, but I don't think that's focusing on 3rd party games much.

alstruck1432d ago

Maybe Arkane is not that big of a studio. I mean not all studios can make a big AAA game in 1-2 years time, unless they are as big as Ubi's studios or Acti's COD teams. Just look at Bioshock Infinite, that game needs 3.5 years to finish. Even Naughty Dog usually needs 2 years to make games

Roccetarius1432d ago

I remember them saying that Dishonored could've been much more, but they were limited by time and the last gen platforms.

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