FFXIV: All Saints’ Wake haunts Eorzea from today

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's annual Halloween event, All Saints' Wake, has launched today. This year new exclusive event items have been added for players to obtain, including armour, barding and face paint options.

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KrisButtar1395d ago

I would have liked the jack o' lanterns from the pic for a costume.

XiaoSet1395d ago

They're in the game, but you must have played last year or 1.0 to get them.

You can still get them this year but it'll cost $3 USD once the Cash Shop opens on the 28th.

KrisButtar1395d ago

I played at launch and then again for a month when the PS4 version released. Looks like I missed out

Spenok1394d ago

Yeah it would have been nice. It's a simple quest and getting the Costume for you and your Chocobo was definitely worth it.