Sunset Overdive: The Weight of the World on its Shoulders

Sunset Overdrive has a lot riding on its shoulders. The Xbox One, since its release, has been held under a microscope and seems always to fall short of its console competitor, the PlayStation 4. While the Xbox One has had more exclusive titles in the current cycle than its counterpart, only beating out Sony by one title(19 vs. 18), however 11 of Sony’s 18 are downloadable titles versus Microsoft only having 7 of theirs the same; it has still been an uphill battle for Microsoft since the end of the last generation life-cycle. This is why Sunset Overdrive has the weight of the world barring down on it.

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Foehammer1514d ago

Nice to see the writeup put the games libraries into perspective.

Good luck to Insomniac, I think they have winner.

raWfodog1513d ago

The game looks fun and definitely entertaining. Unfortunately I won't be playing this anytime soon as I've yet to purchase a XB1 and probably will not for a long while. I'll be getting my PS4 this holiday and will probably have a significant amount to get through before I get around to thinking about the XB1.

2cents1513d ago

I like the freshness of the gameplay and that crazy colour palette.

It's a no brainer for me. Day one!

Whitey2k1513d ago

it might move a few units and to be fair the preorders for this game has been low and to consider you have call of duty around the corner 2 let alone having farcry 4 and GTA 5 approaching fast aswell so i can see this game do good but not brilliant

Magnes1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Looks like fun for a rent or used for a steal just to romp around and check out the game mechanics. From the let's plays I've watched doesn't seem like I'd play to the end just jump around till I was bored..

SteamPowered1513d ago

I dunno, didnt Titanfall bring up this rhetoric? Titanfall certainly didnt collapse by the expectations, but it didnt exceed them either.
I cant see any console being 'saved' by one Ip.

98xpresent1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Halo saved the og Xbox

SteamPowered1513d ago

You could be right. I have to admit I didn't get an OG Xbox. I was still humping my GameCube nightly.

Automatic791513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

A new IP that sold over 2 million units not counting digital and X1 sales it is safe to say it did very well, especially with a console that had only 5 months.

As for Sunset its a fresh IP that is going to get a lot of love.

Software_Lover1513d ago

Last night, My Xbox One said "Sunset Overdrive is ready to play". I got all excited.............. then let down lol.

This should be a feature for Microsoft and digital downloads (atleast for Microsoft published games). Play them a week early.

Volkama1513d ago

There are a lot of "should be" statements you can level at the digital marketplace...

tlougotg1513d ago

Saving grace? It baffles me to think that ppl even think this game will be a system seller. I mean sure ppl will buy it due to lack of quality games in general but this will not be a system seller, nor a saviors thats for sure. People are hyping this game up a little too much just because of the lack of quality games in general.

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The story is too old to be commented.