PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: 13 Hours of Awesome Gameplay Show Co-Op, Secret Areas and Gallons of Blood

Yesterday Sony Computer Entertrainment held the last day of the Bloodborne alpha, and since it was mentioned that for the moment there are no plans for further tests (even if plans can change), this might be your last chance to see the game in action until its release on February 6th.

That’s why you may need a big serving of it, and luckily livestreamers and YouTubers from all over the world kindly provided.

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MysticStrummer1515d ago

So is it going to be easier to co-op with friends than it was with Demon's and Dark Souls? I never played DS2, so idk if co-op was easier with that game. While I loved the random multiplayer of those earlier games for the most part, there were times when a friend and I wanted to play together and it was frustrating.

Abriael1515d ago

At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way to connect directly with friends. It's random. You ring a bell, and someone else that rang the other bell joins.

Don't know if they'll implement it.

bouzebbal1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

13 hours? yeah right!
i'm not gonna watch anything from this game anymore until release, same for The Order!

*heading to my cave to hibernate until February*

MysticStrummer1515d ago

Oh well. The first two Souls games were my top two favorites last generation so that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for Bloodborne but it would have been a good option.

Septic1515d ago


Yea same here. Not going to ruin this. I'm going in dark. I'll join you in the holy hibernation cave of perseverance.

Ristul1515d ago

abzdiine: Yeah, I agree that it would be spoiling the experience for oneself. I remember when all we had were gaming magazines where you could look at Pictures and imagine what the game would be like. When the game released it had a sense of mystery about it and you could actually be surprised by the content. I will not Watch it either! ;-)

PurpHerbison1515d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

@abzdiine I tried not watching anything for DkS2, and was successful. I ended up being VERY upset with my purchase. Game didn't even hold a candle to the previous two. But I guess it makes sense, they had their 2nd string working on DkS2. Point is, blind purchases in this day and age can be very dangerous, even if you think you're sure it will be a hit.

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breakpad1515d ago

why they show so much gameplay ....afterward nobody would want to play it if they show half of the game before release ..i ve already know the first area it will not cause to me any excitment when i will buy it

Ka7be1515d ago

I watched only the first video. Not going to watch the rest, i don't want to spoil the game. Day one buy!

MysticStrummer1515d ago

Yeah I was very excited about DS2 when it was announced but by the time it released for some reason I never bought it. Maybe I thought it would get a remaster on the new consoles or something. Idk.

PurpHerbison1515d ago

There was things that made co-op easier in DkS2 but also had things that ruined it, such as Soul Memory. Nothing has been better than the summoning experience in DeS.

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badz1491515d ago

13 freakin hours?? you can complete most CoD campaign like 3 times given that much time!

MegaSackman1515d ago

I think is 13hs of gameplay recorded during the alpha, not that the game last 13hs.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1515d ago

13hrs?....You!, you!....Enough, Enough!,...That no warm, That no soft.....

bloodybutcher1515d ago

That's no Ubi soft either, thank Umbasa

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