CD Projeckt Red Has Really Got It In For Assassin's Creed

Play: "Cd Projekt Red has followed up on its famous The Witcher 2 AC easter egg by taking a second cheeky dig at Assassin's Creed."

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Haru1513d ago ShowReplies(3)
dreamoner1513d ago

Hahaha. I finished W2 at least 3 times but never saw that... was hilarious.

AndrewLB1512d ago

The comment "you won’t be doing things like searching for feathers" is a dig at The Witcher 2's quest called "A Sackfull of Fluff" where you get hired to obtain a crap-load of harpy feathers for a crazy guy living on the cliff near the quarry. After obtaining the feathers for the man, leave the area and meditate... then return to his house for a laugh, and an uncomfortable moment.

As for the dead Assassin, now that was hilarious to find!

Spenok1512d ago

Lol, it's always funny when a random comes along and disproves the article. Wish people did their research before writing like this.

I had a pretty good laugh at the AC joke in 2 when I stumbled across it.

GamingSinceThe80s1512d ago

I only played it once,a few months ago and saw it.It's funny because this is the first time I have seen it mentioned before.It made me laugh pretty hard when I found it,not that it was at all hidden,but I do tend to spend more time looking at everything than beating games,I have a truckload of games I have yet to finish.A.D.D is a

egidem1512d ago

Join the club. I too also have a backlog of games I have to finish because when I'm playing a game for the first time, I literally look at everything the character can interact with.

In Deus Ex Human Revolution for example, I'd get into a room, silently take out everyone inside, then search through every pocket, every drawer, every vent, open every door until I'm sure I've looked everywhere XD

FastRedPonyCar1513d ago

Well... he ain't wrong. AC's collectibles are terrible.. especially when they run away from you.

HolyDuck1513d ago

The only collectibles I've enjoyed chasing, and that were totally worth it were Crackdown 2's Agility/Hidden orbs, freaking loved those!

SPAM-FRITTER-1231512d ago

The music symbols in Black Flag tortured me sometimes.

FullmetalRoyale1512d ago

I needed all of the shanties!!

skulz71513d ago

I love The Witcher series and the Assassins Creed series. Both unique in their own ways!

starchild1512d ago

Seems we have similar tastes. Those are two of my favorite series. Can't wait for AC Unity and The Witcher 3.

Roccetarius1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

As much as i'd like to see them take funny digs at other games, this is incorrect.

That's the quest he meant.

AndrewLB1512d ago

You are correct. Yet idiots still disagree with you. As the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

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