Could Sniper Wolf appear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

Could Sniper Wolf be appearing is some form in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

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EdoubleD1491d ago

Doubt it, maybe as a child. Saved by the famous 'Saladin'.
Would be awesome to see her though

SmielmaN1490d ago

I would love to see some backstory on those characters in the new game. Imo, MGS is the best game ever when you consider the size and scope of the game for its time. Then TLOU, then RE2. These are games that changed the game and how games can tell stories and invoke emotion in the player. Just awesome.

AntoineDcoolette1490d ago

I've been telling myself since MGSV's reveal that I'd love for Big Boss to visit the middle east and run into a young sniper wolf.

Literally the reason I love the character is because she is a Kurd and romantically refers to Big Boss as Saladin

ATi_Elite1490d ago

Can someone I from me of the MS timeline because I knew led her in MS so why is she still around?

But then again it mgs and I must have killed liquid snake about 30 times including 15 times in one game lol

BiggerBoss1490d ago

What does this post even say?? Lol

hkgamer1490d ago

ok, i am going to translate the sentence by guessing, seems like lots of autocorrect has happened.

"can someone inform me of the the MGS timeline because i knew i killed her in MGS, so why is she still around?

but then again it's MGS and i must have killed liquid about 30 times including 15 times in one game lol."

not going to fact check, but mgs happened in late 90's this game will be 83?a rough guess on sniper wolfs age would be 30+ so she would probably be at a good age where big boss would find her.

DarXyde1490d ago

I can't take anymore speculation. It's beginning to hurt.

I just want to play this game until my disc turns to dust. Then I'll buy it again and do it all over again.

hazelamy1490d ago

i could see a younger version of her being a protege of Quiet.