Dev Explains Why Ether One Is Not Coming On Xbox One, 'None of the Team Are Xbox Players'

Pete Bottomley's response: "There's not really much to say".

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Septic1493d ago

"“It feels like a good partnership and the whole PlayStation team has been great to work with. No one from XBOX has contacted us and none of the team are XBOX players so it wasn’t really a consideration.”

Ah well he's right. Not much to say regarding that. Mind you, we've had quite a few topics with headlines stating why so and so indie game isn't coming to the X1.

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bennissimo1492d ago

The difference here is that this game doesn't look like it's anything to write home about.

Mega241492d ago

The same was said about Minecraft, look where it is right now.

turdburgler10801492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Lord have mercy! Whatever will we do? A game no one knew about or cared about isn't coming to xbox and the only reason anyone cares is because someone bothered to post a click bait article about it. Give me a break. Stop waving this garbage around trying to incite a fanboy war. In a few hours this game will be forgotten again and no one will care except the fanboys who drag out this article to make some lame point about indies.

jebabcock1492d ago

The x1 is the best console that people just don't seem to want to buy. According to many on here it is nearly flawless... yet sales aren't there. If the system is without flaw there is no excuse for it not to be the top seller by far... What gives? Either there is something wrong that is fixable to improve sales long term or the system is doomed... You can't have it both ways...

souldestroyer141492d ago

Yea and Kanye West is a very successful musician. I guess he's the best and everyone sucks because they can't sell as many records as Kanye. Every musician that doesn't make as much as Kanye must have major flaws.

hadouken0071492d ago

Just like u and that comment.

TotallyNotGlenn1492d ago

I really hate how everyone throws the term "click-bait" around to describe articles they disagree with, without knowing what the term even means.

HIV-1492d ago

Unfortuantely, N4G has turned into a sh*thole for this type of news which is good for nothing but to stir sh*t. people spend their time arguing about which console is best instead of talking about games.

harrisk9541492d ago

Ether One is a PC port that had very positive buzz and is currently sitting at 82 on Metacritic. Brent and Loren on the Axe Factor podcast couldn't stop talking about what a great game it is. On Steam, it has 139 "very positive" reviews... So, it is obvious that some people do care about it and I am looking forward to it. It is sad that XB1 fans are so bitter.

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Bnet3431492d ago

Their loss if they want to make less money. Not like this game is that big of a deal.

Spenok1492d ago

As a gamer, this makes sense. However, as business sense this is financially retarded. Why leave out potential fans and millions of sales?

Don't get me wrong, I am a PS gamer, and you can tell that from my comments. However, this just doesn't make sense to me. Though having a good partnership with Sony (or anyone for that matter) is never a bad thing. So maybe they're going the route of trying to show support for a system, and eventually be bought up by Sony down the line. It worked for various other studios. So who knows.

Graey1492d ago

Hey is that Kirito?

Also not sure if you have read the article, and if you have my apologies. But honestly he wasn't really saying he would not put it on X1. More so Sony actually approached them about it so that's why it went to that playtform only, where as they were not contacted about porting it to the x1 by microsoft so it's really the only reason why.

VegasDawg1492d ago

Ahh good ole N4G and their fanBOY articles. They do know their audience, I see no respected site ran this story.I wonder why? Gee. And I'm not calling the article false. Try and use your noggin when you answer this to yourself.

Anybody that roots for a multinational corporation making millions of dollars is brain dead.

Competition is good for gaming,fanBOYs are bad for gaming not matter the side.

Grow up and all gamers unite as long as we are divided they can treat us any way they like.
Together we could demand better games. We could demand new game play,new Ip's. Not going to happen as long as fanBOYs exist and sites like these fan the flames.

Snookies121492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

"no respected site ran this story."

Y-You do realize N4G doesn't run stories, right? It's just a collection of gaming news... Game developers stating something certainly falls under the category of gaming news.

XxExacutionerxX1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Ok, having both a Playstation 4 and a Xbox One.. Indie games are terrible. When Sony gives them away for free on Psn and I'm not downloading them, that's a issue and I'm not alone. The best indie games are Outlast, Minecraft, Child of Light, Limbo and State of Decay. I didn't buy a Ps4 and Xbox One the first year to be giving no big games but a bunch of capping Indie games. Oh and by the way... Sony Fan boys stop reporting comments that aren't being offensive and are an opinion. If someone is against what I say, and gives me an answer that's not insulting me, I value that opinion.

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Raiz1493d ago

Here is what actually developer: "There’s not really much to say. Sony contacted us first and were really excited about getting Ether One onto the platform.

“It feels like a good partnership and the whole PlayStation team has been great to work with. No one from XBOX has contacted us and none of the team are XBOX players so it wasn’t really a consideration."

how misleading the title could be...

Gravity_DoGG1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

How is it misleading? none of the team are xbox players x2??

GodGinrai1493d ago

It COULD be seen as misleading. The title gave me the impression it was going to be one of those blow-fish, "we hate MS and their policies" type of comments.

But after reading the article. It makes more sense, and is pretty innocent. They are not xbox guys. fair enough. they can live without xbox..and Xbox damn sure can live without their game.

donthate1493d ago

It is gamingbolt.

Their claim to fame is headlines that screams clickbait. It is the new hiphopgamer.

Just downvote and move on.

psvitamanfan1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

You can hardly talk

IcicleTrepan1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I think there is more to this than what they are saying. The word 'partnership' should tell us all we need to know. I think Sony gave them a console exclusivity deal.

Not that I find anything wrong with this. But I don't believe their reason of 'I don't play on Xbox so I don't want to make money by porting my existing game to their platform'.

VegasDawg1492d ago

It's a fanBOY article this is a fanBOY site. These boys eat this stuff up , you got people up there pulling quotes like they are all proud and stuff. Like they had any input at all, sad really, these are the things they look foward too. lol.

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Death1493d ago

That's sad. Now I won't be able to piece together fragments of my clients history to help them. :(

Seriously though, why polarize yourself from potential customers like this? They aren't Xbox gamers and Microsoft hasn't contacted them so they aren't developing for the platform? Who is really losing out here? It's yet another indie game on a system plagued with indie games. From a business perspective I would target as many platforms as possible to try and bring in as much revenue and profit as I can. It's not like porting indie games between the two platforms (and PC) is difficult. Creating the game is the hard part, porting is profit.

Concertoine1493d ago

Agreed. They both run on the same architecture so porting is not as hard as it was last gen. They would benefit from releasing on both consoles

PSN_ZeroOnyx1492d ago

Same architecture? You need a new source of information. They have simular architecture, more so than previous generations, but they aren't the same.

AndrewLB1492d ago

PSN_ZeroOnyx- You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Both consoles run on x86 architecture, making them almost identical on that level. The only real difference between the two (aside from a slightly faster GPU in PS4) is on a software level with the Xbone's OS being based on Windows utilizing Direct3D API while the PS4 runs a version of FreeBSD 9.0 which is UNIX-like. Both consoles are PC's with a custom OS, plain and simple.

Porting games between both software platforms is extremely simple because it does not require re-engineering the code for hardware that is completely different. Only minor code alterations are required before the source code can be recompiled for use on a different system environment. It's very much like making software run on both PC and MAC. And last I checked, I have a second PC that's commonly referred to as a "Hackintosh" which is nothing but PC hardware (x86 architecture) that is running Mac OS X. And due to that x86 architecture and careful selection of components, I didn't even have to modify the retail Mac OS X installation disc. It just works.

ThePope1493d ago

The thing is these indie developers aren't business people (for the most part) so they don't really understand what and what not to say, or how to say it. It was most likely a perfectly relaxed conversation. But when they said that the interviewer knew this would be a perfect article/headline for N4G. Haha

firelogic1493d ago

"Plagued?" Hardly. An indie developed game is still a game. So having games on a gaming machine sounds logical, no? And what exactly has the PS4 missed out on thus far vs the XB1 because of the indie games on the platform?

HiddenMission1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Funny how you chose the word "plagued" meaning you think indie games are bad considering being plagued is not a good thing...

By your logic games like Journey are a plague, Minecraft, No Man's Sky, Don't Starve, Hohokum, Fez, Guacamelee, Outlast, Hyper Light Drifter, RIME, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Mark of the Ninja, Unfinished Swan, Trine and Limbo are all a plague...

Yeah you're an anti-Sony hating cat! Indie games are great and if having a lot of great games is a plague then keep it coming.

You're just butt hurt that your preferred console of choice doesn't get every great game...guess what stop being either cheap or a fanboy and pick up a PS3/PS4 you'll be happy with all the great games that you'll no longer be missing out on.

Death1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


I'm not a fan of todays indie movement. So yeah, plagued is the word I choose. When we see established devs giving up proper game development to pursue the easy money self publishing under the indie tag gets, it's a problem for gaming. I respect homebrew gaming which is what indies actually are. I lose that respect when it becomes a business model.

To address the second part of your statement, why would it upset me to not see games I don't want on "my system of choice"? I am glad there are less indie games to shuffle through on the Xbox platform. I didn't buy a WiiU, Xbox One, and PS4 to play games that look and play like they are a couple generations old. If you feel that strongly about these games, why not become a retro gamer?

kayoss1493d ago

"I didn't buy a WiiU, Xbox One, and PS4 to play games that look and play like they are a couple generations old."

Then why do you own an Xbox one??

Death1493d ago

Because the games don't look and play like they are from a couple generations ago?

The WiiU for all the flack it gets is a very solid console. The controller gives the system much more flexibility with it's second screen which works very well. As for graphics, it's clearly not in the same league as the Xbox One or PS4, but it's still a leap by Nintendo standards.

If you think the PS4 and Xbox One look any different from one another, you need to pick up an Xbox One and see for yourself. I'm impressed with Killzones visuals, but the game is pretty shallow. The storyline is still as generic as ever and the AI is unintentionally humorous. It looks extremely next gen, but plays like it always has. In my opinion we haven't really seen a next gen game on either platform. Only last gen games with updated visuals. Online for both systems is still lacking compared to what we had on the PS3 and 360. People like you who believe there is a difference are hard to believe since you set the bar so low. Hopefully we haven't scratched the surface of what either console can do.

GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

"I didn't buy a WiiU, Xbox One, and PS4 to play games that look and play like they are a couple generations old. If you feel that strongly about these games, why not become a retro gamer?"

For someone who is clearly an intelligent person, the ignorance and naivety in this comment astounds me. I mean, really, this looks a couple of generations old to you:


How about this:


Or this:


Or this:


Or this:


A game being indie does not automatically mean it's going to have the visual style, or the gameplay style, of a retro videogame that could run on a tablet device. So you enjoy your AAA garbage, and ignore these "couple-generations-old, retro games". Your loss ;)

HiddenMission1493d ago


I've been playing games since the Atari 2600 so yeah retro gamer isn't a title it's something young gamers like yourself like to come up with to make themselves feel cool and hip.

You do realize all and I do mean all AAA games design mechanics come from those retro/indie ideas. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Homebrew is not what indie means...trying to twist the word to suite your wants is not reality. Indie means independent...aka not tied to a large publisher. That's all!

Last I checked MS has realized that Sony's strategy of supporting indies means more titles, more titles means more games, more games means more options for consumer, more options means more reasons to buy said console. That's why MS had that big indie montage at their last two press events.

If you don't like indies for the reasons you stated then you're not a gamer your a fad simply follow what's in.

Oh and couple gen old graphics...last I checked Journey, Limbo, No Man's Sky, Rime all looked amazing and right up there with the gen that they released/will release on.

Next gen by the way doesn't just mean graphics it also means gameplay experience and any real gamer knows that.

So yeah...

BitbyDeath1493d ago

If indies are so lame then why did MS pay 2.5 billion for one?

Death1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


The first game, looks very dated. The visuals don't look much different than n64 games did. Very bland, repeated textures, non moving water, no round edges. Hexagonal ashtrays?

The second games is a text adventure. It's a newer Myst. I'm not even sure what qualifies it as a game. If walking around in a non-living world looking for clues is your thing, game on.

Everyone's Gone in the Rapture is being published by Sony and the developer partnered up with Sony Santa Monica. Kind of takes the indie away when it's being developed and published by Sony.

No Man's Sky also looks dated, very similar to something we seen on the original Xbox/PS2 with better filtering.

WiLD is yet another that looks Xbox/PS2 era. The premise is neat though, it will be interesting to see what gameplay is like.

Compare your indie list to a couple games/demos running on iphone

@Bitby above, I have no idea what Microsoft was thinking. They bought a brand with Minecraft.

HiddenMission1493d ago


You've been exposed by your own comments as being full of it. So let's go!

"The first game, looks very dated. The visuals don't look much different than n64 games did. Very bland, repeated textures, non moving water, no round edges. Hexagonal ashtrays?"

Really I actually played the N64 and not one game even comes close to Ether One...textures, particle effects, lighting and more could not have run on N64 yeah full of it.

"The second games is a text adventure. It's a newer Myst. I'm not even sure what qualifies it as a game. If walking around in a non-living world looking for clues is your thing, game on."

Your argument was about how they looked several gen's old and now you change it to it's not even a game...keep spinning kid you just reveal more about the fact that you're not a gamer at all!

"No Man's Sky also looks dated, very similar to something we seen on the original Xbox/PS2 with better filtering.

WiLD is yet another that looks Xbox/PS2 era. The premise is neat though, it will be interesting to see what gameplay is like.

Compare your indie list to a couple games/demos running on iphone"

So your talking polygon count last I checked those games have higher texture maps, better lighting solutions, better AA, better AI, better hell everything compared to what PS2 could handle.

Then you show two iPhone they run on middleware tech designed for ALL PLATFORMS! Wow, kid reach much. The mechanics and depth of experience are vastly different simply for the fact of the limitations of the iPhone hardware/input controls.

You show how much you so want people to believe your story but the truth is you're just wrong and in your heart you know it!


GarrusVakarian1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Jesus...when was the last time you played Xbox/PS2/N64 games? You seem to have forgotten how they look if you can look at some of the games I listed and think that ANY of them look like they belong to those eras.

And lol at those two links. Seriously? That second game literally looks like a PS2 game. The first looks impressive, I'll admit....until you realise it's just a tech demo video. When you actually look at screenshots of games RUNNING on IOS, you end up with this:


Either way, you carry on deluding yourself into believing that you're not missing out by ignoring these titles. I couldn't imagine only playing AAA games. Sounds beyond boring.

Edit: Oh, and nice spin on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The argument wasn't about what YOU would class the genre of that game as, it was about if indie games can be something other than retro-style games that ignorant people like you associate that name with, which I proved they can be.

Death1492d ago

lol, you can't imagine only playing AAA games? Exactly how many days have you been playing games? Until this generation, that's pretty much all people played on their consoles. None of these videos listed showed much in terms of game play. Ethan looks like a glorified text adventure with no actual interaction to the game world. The rest all look very dated. Have you played Killzone on the PS4? It is the best looking game of this gen. Ryse is very close in graphical fidelity, but the crown belongs to KZ. Which of these games you have listed compare? You claim they don't look dated, so where exactly do they fit?

I won't say all indies are shovelware, but if I needed to classify them all under one label that is where they would be. What do you feel makes these games any better than the $10 budget games that can be found on the racks at office supply stores? You can try to make them more glamorous all you want, but at the end of the day these are cheap budget games with relatively low demand and high profit margins. Hardly what I want the future of gaming to be.

r2oB1492d ago

@ kayoss

How else is he supposed to get his cutting edge, 900p fix?

Why o why1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Laud what you have and lambast what you don't.

This school of thought isn't too uncommon around here.

Remember back to the last 3rd of last gen when the the 360 had virtually no exclusives released especially compared to the ps3.......'exclusives dont matter' was the salty cry......'sony exclusives dont sellz like halos' they screamed. ....Now this gen exclusives matter all of a sudden.... These guys cannot help but to flip flop... if the wind blows left, they fly left.

The gamers that allegedly loved Braid, that zombie samurai game (cant remember its name) super meat boy and the likes sure changed their minds quickly. I'm hoping the devs see the turncoat attitude a proportion of the x1 crowd emit and stay well away. I feel sorry for the x1 gamers who still appreciate and cherish the indie game experiences that may miss out.

tman73021492d ago


If you're clearly an intelligent person, you would realize that Death's opinion is an opinion and that it's clearly not persuading anyone. You calling Death comment's ignorance and naivety doesn't make you any different or any more than a hypocrite at your own cry.

Avenger consumers buy next gen consoles to play next gen games. It's common sense. Indie games are secondary or a plus to the purchase.

GearsOfWar1492d ago

Do you guys really have the mindset that EVERY indie game has the probability to be as big as Minecraft, Limbo, Braid, No Man's Sky, Journey? If so, you're in for a rude awakening.

It's fine to support games but you're giving indies far too much credit. Why? Because at the moment, more indies are setting up shop on PS4. It suits your pro PS4 agenda. While having more games is not a bad thing, you're also acting like all these indies are 10/10 games. That's the issue. You know in the back of your mind that only a few indies become truly successful but neglect to mention that when making your points.

This article relates to an Indie passing on Xbox One. Okay, that's fine. We have no proof this game is going to be awesome. It's fine to be excited about it, but acting like Xbox One owners are missing out on an amazing experience is reaching at best. Indies need to prove themselves first and that's key.

If at some point, this specific game creates a lot of buzz and turns out to be a really good game, then and only then will I feel like I've missed out on something. Journey is a good example of that. Each console has had its share of awesome Indie games, and yes, they should be supported and taken seriously, but please, stop acting like every game is going to be quality. Reality is a cruel place, and reality dictates that not every title can be successful. It's just how it is.

I applaud Sony for reaching out and giving this indie a chance. This is what you guys should be showcasing. Sony is actively reaching out and giving indies chances. That means, you have more of a chance of a successful title coming out. This is a very good thing for the PS4. Instead we have you guys hyping every indie title like it's a knockout blow to Xbox One.

Why o why1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Top comment gears of war but isn't it just as silly to downplay the said indies just because its NOT coming to your platform ala death. I can't see anybody saying its going to reach the echelons of the games you've mentioned but this general downplaying of indies seems. We shouldn't forget some of the banter is aimed microsofts practices. Not quite a knock out blow but the amount of indies not hitting the x1 for whatever reason isn't exactly good for their customers is it,

Baka-akaB1492d ago


I agree with some of the stuff you said there .... except it's clear that with some posters , its not related to feelings and expectations about indies , but the blatant and usual case of "who cares , it sucks anyway and i'd never want it" trolling we see with whatever is exclusive to any platform , be they indie , retail , AAA or otherwise .

I dont care for most indies too , if anything it's an annoying trend i could wish it'd dwindle a bit in scale , but it's a completely different step to claim having less on an ecosystem and console , when it's clearly the rage , is detrimental to it .

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SmielmaN1493d ago

Septic and Death out in full force with their Passive Trolling. There should be a bubble down button for "salty". You two guys are a joke. Trying to save bubbles by stealth trolling all day. Sad, pathetic ppl you must be. Go outside and breath some fresh air.

OT: developer made a choice. They don't support xbone and obviously xbone doesn't support them so they said "screw them". Can't say I blame them. MS's parity clause is quite silly when you don't hold the lead in consoles sold, or even half of it. The sooner they ditch the parity clause the sooner they give their gamers more content/games to play. I don't care if they look like genesis games as long as they are fun. Hotline Miami was a incredibly challenging and fun game to play. Plus I support a small group of guys who do this as their living. Win win for Playstation gamers and developers.

DigitalRaptor1493d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

It's hilarious Death.

Your comments only help to expose your own bias, which you try and keep hidden snugly away behind your comments of being a "multi-console gamer". It's paper thin and it's pathetic.

None of the games you tried to actively downplay are anywhere close to PS2/Xbox or N64 (lol) era. Your description of Ethan Carter is the worst of all, you clearly know nothing about the game, and frankly it's disgusting how desperate you are to downplay fantastic games.

Let's me say what we're all thinking. Death you are thinly veiled fanboy wants to downplay games that are providing benefit to PS4 but not Xbox One so much more than appreciating diversity, that you'll ACTIVELY try and downplay any game that isn't AAA regardless of its quality, or its creative ideas, or its scope or the ambition of its developer. You don't ask for diversity, you sure as hell won't be getting it.

IndoAssassin1492d ago

Funy how he's only complaining about the Indie games on the PS4, yet doesn't say anything about the ones on Xbox One.

tman73021492d ago

It's sounds more like you're talking about yourself. It's no different than any other fanboy. I will say this, if scenario that this indie developer made this game solely for xbox and their team said they never played playstation, I can see some Sony fanboys flipping out. Remember Tomb Raider or Unity. God that was a disgraceful day to be a gamer. Who the hell makes death threats to developers or makes public outcrys on twitter. It's funny to read, but absolutely ridiculous.

Spotie1492d ago

Six bubbles. This guy actively engages in reality twisting to suit his needs, and he's here with six bubbles.

You have limited funds and manpower. Your employees are familiar with a particular company already, and that company reaches out to you about one of your upcoming products. Their competitor does not.

Tell me: do you go out of your way to get that competitor's attention, when the first company was as eager to work with you as you were to work with them?

I don't think I'd make them a priority.

Especially not if many of their customers had the "good riddance" attitude many Xbox fans frequently display.

Rather than, even once, admit Microsoft has work to do when it comes to indie dev relations, why are you all so quick to bail them out on the culpability front and instead blame the developers?

Bathyj1492d ago

"why polarize yourself from potential customers like this?"

"Who is really losing out here?"

Wow, I cant help but wonder if you were so magnanimously philosophical in your ponderings when Tombraider cut their potential audience to a third for a fist of sweaty, stinking cash.

I dont really have to go back through your comment history to know you werent.

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Neonridr1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

so from the sounds of it you had no interest in making an Xbox version to begin with...

here I thought it was because of something Microsoft did.

uptownsoul1493d ago

Actually is something Microsoft didn't do..And that is, Reach out…Sony reached out and Microsoft didn't…Thats a pretty easy decision to me

Neonridr1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

They stated in the article that "none of them were Xbox players so it wasn't even a consideration."

To me that says regardless of what MS did they were always going to go with Sony.

Death1493d ago

I would rather see Microsoft reach out to the devs making games that take advantage of this generations hardware.

uptownsoul1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


I can say the exact same thing in reverse though.

They stated in the article that "No one from XBOX has contacted us"

To me that says regardless of whether any of them were Xbox players, they were always going to go with Sony (since Sony made the effort)

Darrius Cole1493d ago


Uptownsoul is right. It is soley a matter of Sony reaching out and Microsoft not reaching out. If it had been the other way around and Microsoft reached out but Sony didn't they would have went with the Xbox and not with the Playstation.

Nobody is so much of a fanboy that they won't take a check from the other side. They may not play your games but they'll accept your money.

UnwanteDreamz1493d ago


Why cant you have both? It's always one or the other with you guys.

Neonridr1493d ago

I can definitely see how if MS had contacted them they may have considered it, don't get me wrong.

But from that statement alone it just seems like they were always going to go with Sony no matter what.

Darrius Cole1493d ago


That's just face-saving. It's like when people get dumped they always say that the other person wasn't all that. You gotta see through that.

DLConspiracy1493d ago

Oh but when Sony doesn't reach out to help Titanfall then its a bad game?

uptownsoul1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


Who said anything about Titanfall?


You might be right if neither Sony nor Microsoft reached out. But are you saying they would have still went PS exclusive if Microsoft, not Sony, reached out in support? I seriously doubt that

ziggurcat1492d ago


"I would rather see Microsoft reach out to the devs making games that take advantage of this generations hardware."

you mean, like dropping 2.5 billion on mojang/minecraft?

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hkgamer1493d ago

replying to your comment below.

you cant take a sentence then just read the words you want and take it out of context.

they stated "No one from XBOX has contacted us and none of the team are XBOX players so it wasn’t really a consideration.”

by taking those few words out of that sentence you sound like one of the blog writers we always get on n4g taking stuff out of context and making clickbait headlines.

did you deliberately do that to make your point knowing that others on here dont read articles?

No_Limit1493d ago

Never heard of this game. what the heck is ether? I seriously don't think xbox owners care about the fact it not coming to their system.

WeAreLegion1493d ago

Well, we know at least one of them does. ;)

kayoss1493d ago

Ether is the potion they use to replenish their magic powers in Final fantasy RPG games and other japanese RPGs.
But for this game, i have no clue. Sorry for not being more helpful.