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*Sept 2014 NPDs results
*Gears of War Marcus Fenix Collection coming to Xbox One?
*‘Sunset Overdrive’ Breaks 4th Wall With Clever In-Game Message To Reviewers
*Fan mail questions

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Toiletsteak1247d ago

It is going to happen, it would be kind of stupid not to bring it out before the new one.

GetSomeLoGiK1247d ago

Yea it most definitely will. I have a PS4 but I would seriously buy a Xbox One in a heartbeat if this comes out. I played GoW professionally and casually, one of my favorite arena shooters and franchises to date.

scottieleverne1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Wouldn't you just buy a 360 if you wanted to play these games? If it's anything like the Chief collection, only one of the games would actually be re-skinned to look better on the Xbone.

FriedGoat1247d ago

With the MCC and a gears of war collection the Xbox one will be a must have for me.

porkChop1247d ago

Yeah a graphically intensive series like Gears would make perfect sense for an "HD"-type collection. Lots of small improvements can be made, and it would be a good business opportunity with the new Gears coming out.

Magicite1247d ago

after this gen consists 50% of remakes/remades/remasters and compilations of games that debuted in previous gens. /s

jcnba281247d ago

A Gears collection would be badass.

ATi_Elite1247d ago

A Gears Collection on Xb1 would be badass but a Gears Collection on the PC would be Elite.

It's truly what gamers want and free money for Microsoft and a no Brainer that Xb1 fans will get a Gears Collection to place beside their MCC.

I just wish MS would release a Gears and Halo collection for Pc as I would happily pay $60 for each (as long as it's released through Steam)

ABizzel11247d ago

I think they'll do it with all their big franchises. 1 massive collection each year.

2014: Halo: MCC (Halo 5 2015)
2015: Gears of War: MFC (Gears of War 4 2016)
2016: Fable: Anniversary Collection (1 - 3) (Fable 4 2017)

and so on.

jspsc1231247d ago

i would like to see the original fable redone.

Immorals1247d ago

They've just done it for 360

jspsc1231247d ago

did they. i havent been on the 360 for years.

alb18991247d ago

Mama mia!
Bring it!
Jump in!

SINISTERGENESIS1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Well it looks like I'm getting an X1 earlier now... MMMM Locust blood....

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