AC: Unity XOne Demo Impression: "Paris City Scale Insane, Breathtaking, Under 30 FPS Dip Frequently"

At Facts 2014 in Ghent (Belgium), Ubisoft kept Assassin's Creed: Unity Xbox One demo build for attendees to test out.

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tinynuggins1514d ago

As expected for most demos on any platform prior to launch. Let's judge it once it's been optimized.

MrSwankSinatra1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Optimization!!!????? Ubisoft!!!!??? That's a funny joke.

vishmarx1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

for something in development for 4 years with a 500+ staff , focused on running the game for a very specific hardware level (xb1 specs only , unlike 5 different version of watchdogs all having different specs) at the least acceptable specifications(900/30) and less than a month to release after a delay, this pretty shoddy inexcusable work

Fun fact i just realized = PARis +cITY=??

Gravity_DoGG1514d ago

Fun fact i just realized = PARis +cITY=??

Half Life 3 Confirmed

UltimateMaster1514d ago

Another article with frame rate issues. It seems to be the Xbox One particularly.

Come on Ubisoft, your benchmark shows that if you use the GPGPU and CPU, the Xbox One and PS4 can do over 900 AI each. Almost Twice that for the PS4.

If anything, why don't you hide some of that AI so that it would show up on screen, like what Dynasty Warriors does.

...This just in. Warrior Orochi 3 ultimate for the PS4 and Xbox One shows hundreds of AI on screen at once.

OMG Ubisoft! You're getting yourself beat up by the good folks at Dynasty Warriors (Koei)

NukaCola1514d ago

Well it's 900p parity now. If the bone cannot hold this game, does that mean they will make it 720p parity :( WTF?

abstractel1514d ago

The issue is still there no matter what, they catered to the lowest common denominator. At best the PS4 might have a slightly smoother FPS (as in a stable 30 while XB1 goes below 30) and I would still be really angry if I hadn't just upgraded my PC and was buying Unity for it. PS4 owners who don't have a decent gaming PC should be pissed at Ubisoft for this release.

We'll see what happens when more multiplatform, new-gen only games from other publishers are released. Hopefully they'll push Ubisoft to realize that you should fulfill the potential of all the machines you are developing for that brings in substantial money.

ThunderPulse1514d ago

Ubi must've learned that from EA.

Army_of_Darkness1513d ago

Y'all won't be disappointed if you don't buy it ;-)

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firelogic1514d ago

They couldn't even get their hundredth AC game on PS3/360 running silky smooth. Ubisoft doesn't give a shit.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1514d ago

'' Let's judge it once it's been optimized.''
optimized to what?..1080p?, 60fps?
even at 900p the game dips, that's sad...
I guees that's what parity is all

Riderz13371514d ago

They said they just recently got the game to run at 900P 30 FPS (rumour), and if that is the case WTF were they showing at the Xbox conference at E3???!!!

dantesparda1514d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

It running on a PC.

Magicite1514d ago

Im playing all Ubi games on PC and I must tell, those are one of the worst optimized AAA games out there.

starchild1513d ago

I'm sure this build was weeks or months old. It will definitely improve to some degree.

However, even if it doesn't improve, it's just one version of the game and it still looks incredible.

Some of you are completely ignoring the main takeaway from this article.

"FPS drop didn't take away from the experience, the scope of this game is insane. That first time I climbed and saw the city rendered as far as I could see I was really awe struck."

larrysdirtydrawss1513d ago

it probably is optimized,this is the xone after all,it has a very weak parts,,,remember ryse(the qte game at 900P) ran at about a constant 23-24 fps and got as low as the teens,and crytek optimized that game as much as they could,and that game was basically on rails with very little physics involved...

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tlougotg1514d ago

They suck at optimizing! We all know this!!!! They wont get my money on stale Assn Creed. Parity up you %ss.

Ctiboi20101514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Isn't it possible they were just using an older build for the demo? If not I hope they can fix the issue before launch.

FullmetalRoyale1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

That's typically how it goes. Plenty of devs do not want to waste the time and resources some would say better spent on getting the actual game completed.

The downside, of course, being you can get both increasingly old builds likely the case with AC, or you get to see the same section over and over as in The Order.

People had nothing positive to say about Wolfenstein when it was being showed for previews, yet that game was almost universally well recieved upon release.

Nekroo911514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Nop because 2 months ago the demo was lacking textures in some soldiers hats, npc pop in also and had a few glitches, those problems have been fixed.

Now its just fps drops so its a newer build

OldDude1514d ago

I so relieved the hats have been fixed, who needs a solid framerate. /s

Clogmaster1514d ago

Anyone remember the comparison between the God of War 3 demo and the final version? It was insane optimzation.

But then again, Activision is involved with AC.

carreirabr1514d ago

Multiplatform game (many studios and hundreds or even thousands of devs involved)


Exclusive platform game in one studio hands


fail optimization comparison logic.

OldDude1514d ago

In fairness, I think he is saying even late into a build some developers can accomplish great things. Its a matter of priority and unfortunately Ubisoft has never made optimization a priority, just money.

reaper241514d ago

I saw the Xbox One demo at a games convention and it didn't look good. I really noticed the framerate and the whole game looked pretty blurry. The crow technology might be impressive, but the general look of the game was pretty bad.

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