Pressurecast Ep. 48: Xbox One Loses For Ninth Consecutive Month

For the ninth month in a row the Playstation 4 has outsold the Xbox One. What does this mean for the Xbox One’s long-term success? Can the Xbox One win the 2014 holiday season?

Plus, Destiny wins September, Sarkeesian receives another death threat, Halo receives a 20GB day one update, Demon’s Crest comes to the Virtual Console, Driveclub continues to have issues, Project Cars gets delayed, and much more!

And, impressions of The Evil Within, Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Tears to Tiara II, and Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

Everything happening in the world of gaming is on this week’s PRESSURECAST!

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ramiuk11192d ago

why do all these people who video themselves have really annoying problems

lifeisgamesok1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

It doesn't mean anything it's selling well the PS4 is just selling like crazy

But Halo MCC, Sunset, will move systems

How many is yet to be determined but Halo is a top selling franchise

Also I think the Driveclub fiasco hurt Sony's lineup this year

ainTgoTTime2bleed1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

''But Halo MCC, Sunset, will move systems''
And if that does not do it?, What will?..da cloudszz?, dx12?...

''Also I think the Driveclub fiasco hurt Sony's lineup this year''...
MS xbone reveal fiasco hurt MS this year and maybe this whole gen;)

But hey even with some ''fiascos'' Sony is killing it;)

pornflakes1192d ago

only an idiot thinks that Halo wont move consoles.

Bossmon1192d ago

yeah sony might have some good sales but the ps4 is boring as hell mine turned into a dust collector, i ended up buying an xbox one cause the grass seems greener on that side of the fence....and i can confirm it is

UnwanteDreamz1192d ago

If games are the reason you left PS4 then you will be back. Last gen Sony started off real slow but built momentum and by the end of the gen I was backlogged. This gen will be no different.

Magicite1192d ago

wrong, wrong, wrong. All your points are invalid.

Neonridr1192d ago

I still don't understand the point of these articles. So what? The PS4 sold more, ok great. Doesn't mean that the Xbox One is useless or not worthwhile.

The Wii outsold the PS3 and 360 for like 2 years straight, yet I didn't see articles every month proclaiming the Wii to be some sort of ultimate champion.

Will there be some sort of celebration if MS outsells the PS4 one month? Will confetti rain down from the heavens? No.. life will go on.

I am starting to question these so called "articles"..

DrKarateChop1192d ago

Uhhhhh, it's a podcast.

And the title is a simple fact.

Neonridr1192d ago

thanks captain obvious.

strangeaeon1192d ago

The image you chose is not from the source, and is obviously a sad attempt at trolling. This should not be approved.

Macdaddy711192d ago

Why does this matter???? We as gamers Need all three to sell good!!! That's why I bought all three system....
Look how EA has been doing Madden with no one other can make football games, we as gamers don't want Sony to be EA of systems, we need to show all three will only help out gaming

sebzhd1192d ago

Time for M$ to put very Hight the white flag.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1192d ago

I won't be surprised at all if MS end up selling the same amount of xbones as the original xbox (25-30mil or some' like that)...

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