Video Game Releases for the Week of 10/20/2014

19 games are launching this week across all of the major platforms. Find out what titles are releasing in North America for the week of October 20, 2014 right here.

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NovusTerminus1221d ago

Getting Lords of the Fallen and Legend of Korra.

Gotta wait to get my Wii U (November) before I get Bayonetta 2.

mydyingparadiselost1221d ago

Stop teasing me Bayo, I needed some infinite climax action and I need it now.

MegaRay1221d ago

Legend of korra > everything else.
Hope we get more games even after the series end

NiteX1221d ago

I hope you're not expecting much. It's meant to be a short and cheap game. Could be a little fun though. Just don't go in expecting it to have Bayonetta polish and quality.

Spotie1221d ago

I'm looking at that and Race the Sun. If I had a Wii U, Bayonetta would be topping my list.

But I don't.

thejigisup1221d ago

Quite a few games. Finally telltales walking dead on nexti wonder if my ps3 save data will carry over. Looking forward to race the sun.

Why the hell can't we have civ on console???

AwkwardJamm1221d ago

Loved Bayonetta, but Bayonetta 2 only on wii? what!? Nintendo!