Taking A Look At - Assassin's Creed Unity Characters Trailer

Clipping Error takes a look at the new trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity. The trailer shows new gameplay, but also questions the voice actors on their experience playing the different characters in the game.

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TeeKay1514d ago

Wow..this has the feel of AC2.

skulz71514d ago

Holy crap, those facial animations! They are incredible!
And man those cutscenes have such a cinematic feel to them, the voice acting seems great!

Can't wait!

starchild1514d ago

Totally agree on every point. I'm very impressed by this game. The cutscenes almost look like a movie. That's what my girlfriend said when she saw some of the cutscenes. The quality of the character models and the way they are animated is just incredible.

Bubiii1514d ago

Dat parity! Whatever Ubisoft.

AidenPearce1514d ago

Every Ubi game post, it's the same story, you can expect a lot of dislikes for just praising the game.