Every horrible monster you’ll meet in The Evil Within

GR: So you think you know what you're up against in The Evil Within. You've seen the lurching masses of grey-faced undead, the spider-armed women, the water creatures with human molars that are unsettling for reasons you can't quite describe. With that in your back pocket, you think you're ready to face all that's within the evil. You know who else thinks like that? People who get their faces stomped or neck ripped out by a chest-burster because they were not prepared!!!

Lucky for you, I've compiled a description of each of The Evil Within's most terrifying monsters, so you can see what you're up against ahead of time. Think of it as a public service, putting the info out there so you know if you can handle all this evil in the first place. You're about to go down the blood chute into a monster death-pile (and that's not hyperbole), so better study up before they sink their claws into you. And they will get their claws into you. Trust me.

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