Wolfenstein: The New Order PlayStation 4 Now Available For A Low Price On Amazon

Wolfenstein: The New Order, the latest entry of the Wolfenstein series now available on consoles and PC, is now available for a reduced price on Amazon.

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shloobmm31488d ago

Wonder why there's no mention that the xb1 version is also that same low price.

Spenok1487d ago

Good point. Maybe at the time it wasn't also on sale? I've seen PS4 versions go on sale when Xbone didn't, and vice versa.

Jdoki1488d ago

I was pleasantly surprised how good this game was. Would have overlooked it normally, but it was bundled in with my XB1.

At a low price it's well worth the money. The single player is great value, compared ot other recent FPS games the single player is really long.

Anon19741488d ago

I had a blast with this game too. Nice to see the focus on a good single player campaign in a modern shooter. Looking forward to playing through it again to see the other timeline!

JoeDaniel1488d ago

me too, although from what I've read the changes are very minor, from one storyline to the other, but the game is worth a second playthrough regardless!

blakstarz1488d ago

To anyone who hasn't played it, definitely grab this one! Best Wolfenstein game since RTCW!

FanboysKiller1488d ago

One of the top games I've played that gave me reason to never trust online reviews when I know the game I'm gonna buy.

Locknuts1488d ago

I don't trust review SCORES, but the content of the reviews was enough to convince me that this was a game I needed.

porkChop1488d ago

If you don't have it, buy it. If you love a shooter with great mechanics, great graphics, an interesting story, well written dialogue with great voice acting, intelligent level design, a great soundtrack, great replayability, that is also a blast to play, then Wolfenstein: The New Order is definitely the game for you. It's well worth full price, and it's a pretty long game too. Butter smooth controls @60fps.

Soldierone1488d ago

I wish I didn't get the Plat! I loved this game and would love to play more!

Is there any chance of story expansion? Any hints of it?

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