Far Cry 4 Online Co-Op revealed Entire World to players

SegmentNext - "The online co-op mode in Far Cry 4 has been revealed to give players more freedom compared to the last installment."

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REDGUM1520d ago

sounds good to me.
From what I have read so far though, the campaign cannot be played co-op........
Is this right?

A shame if so, but grabbing a copy nevertheless.

ramiuk11520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

please say your wrong?
me and bro inlaw been talking about doing it co-op for months .

after a good google your right,im absolutly gutted about this!!

ChronoJoe1520d ago

Are there any objectives for the co-operative play in this mode? I know story isn't available but I was wondering if there was any purpose given to players beyond that or if it were just an opportunity to have a mess around, so to speak.

die_fiend1520d ago

I think you can do everything that isn't a story mission, there are a few specific co op missions, as well at outposts, strongholds etc.

Hopefully I can have my friends help me chase down some white bellied Tapir for their succulent coat!

Rainbowcookie1520d ago

Good that games are giving us more choices but still so many things to improve on . Step in the right direction though. They have done jungle/island/ Africa / jungle/island, Kyrat wonder whats next?

wls10121520d ago

is locked at 30 frames a sec 900p?