Battlefield: Hardline additions include faction-specific guns and "junk in the trunk"

Visceral has been having a bit of a rethink about Battlefield: Hardline since the game's first open Beta ended earlier this year, and they've come up with a list of additions inspired by fan feedback.

Amongst other notable changes, Visceral's Steve Papoutsis revealed to VG247 that both of Hardline's factions, the police forces and criminals, will receive their own unique weapons.

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ab5olut10n1515d ago

i can't wait for this to flop

Yi-Long1515d ago

EA/Dice have been extremely hard at work these last few years to completely ruin the once good reputation Battlefield had.


I wish they would go back to the basic Conquest-gameplay Battlefield 2 and 1943 had. Just big open Battlefield maps, a couple of well-balanced classes with set load-outs. No perks, no unlocks, no streaks, etc etc.

No gimmicks, just Conquest. Just Battlefield.

red2tango1515d ago

Why just Conquest? Rush is a fantastic game mode and should be alongside Conquest in every Battlefield game.

OculusRift1515d ago

Dog, conquest was BEAST in 1943 on PS3. I put hours into that game. I would pay money to play a remastered 1943 on PS4 or PC.

Yi-Long1514d ago

I wish they would release 1943 again, but this time, release 4-5 new maps every 3 months or so, so it will stay alive.

Played 1943 A LOT on 360. Great great game. Always played as a sniper. Loved it.

venom061515d ago

I can't wait for this to be awesome.. New studio, new spin off for a Great franchise..

annoyedgamer1515d ago

Hoe much does EA pay you hourly?

3-4-51515d ago

It's kind of odd because I was always really into COD amongst other games, but Ghosts looked terrible so I tried Battlefield 3 on xbox 360.

Loved the game and was surprised on what I was missing out on. It felt fresh..

* Then comes BF4 and I'm really excited for it, but then it was just kind of boring. It was also kind of fun, but not at the level I thought it would be.

* COD:AW = I haven't been this pumped for a COD game since MW2.

* I WILL NEVER play Hardline.

I can't wait for Battlefront 3 & BF5, but I will not be playing Hardline.

* I realized there are strengths and weaknesses from each game within each series and nothing is the "best series" or "best game".

* What I have noticed is when Dev's go the extra mile to give you a high quality game.

Hardline does NOT look like a high quality game.

COD:AW DOES look like a high quality game.

GhettoBlasStarr1515d ago

I think they should just do another season of DLC for BF4. then do BF 2143

bmf73641515d ago

I, personally will not enjoy Hardline as a battlefield game but much rather enjoy it as a crime/fantasy shooter that Visceral is developing. It wouldn't be getting this much hate if it wasn't under the Battlefield franchise.

I respect Visceral for their decisions and trying hard to make Hardline as contrast to DICE's Battlefield series and I can't wait to see how the single player plays out.