GTA 5 next-gen: 30 minutes of new music for FlyLo FM

FlyLo FM, the GTA 5 radio station hosted by producer and musician Flying Lotus, will get a further 30 minutes of new music added to the PS4, PC and Xbox one version of the game.

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Fizzerd1492d ago

I love the music in GTA, especially Los Santos Rock Radio and Mirror Park.

pompombrum1492d ago

November is going to be a real treat for remastered games. It seems that both Rockstar and 343 are going to set a new standard for them.

Chard1492d ago

Naughty Dog already set a pretty damn good standard for them.

matt1391492d ago

Why is there still no effin gameplay?

crimsonfox1492d ago

Now you know that ain't R*'s style.

Randostar1490d ago

They don't really NEED to show you gameplay of something everyone has been playing for year.

matt1391489d ago

They do otherwise how can we tell just how much of an improvement it is over the last generation?

AiirJordann231492d ago

We need our own playlist for a radio station and that video looks like something from adult swim love it tho

Randostar1490d ago

Adult Swim plays lots of FloLos music.

Gravity_DoGG1492d ago

Looks like Minecraft X Adventure Time LOL

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