Battlefield: Hardline reveals three major Gameplay changes

SegmentNext - "Battlefield: Hardline is going to receive three major changes immediately, courtesy of feedback from the recent beta."

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nitrogav1489d ago

Sound's promising and listening to fan's who want to play the game as got to be a good thing!!.

Yi-Long1489d ago

Actually, I hate all the different weapons, load-outs, perks, etc etc.

I really wish Battlefield would just go back to simple basic Conquest with set classes and load-outs, no perks, just completely skill-based and well balanced.

Like Battlefield 2 and 1943. Just Conquest. No tricks.

urwifeminder1489d ago

Could not agree more well said .

mhunterjr1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

The biggest issue with this title is tying it to Battlefield. If they aren't going to stick to that identity why tie it to the franchise? It just leads to brand dilution. The tie-in won't help this games recognition or the strength of the battlefield franchise. It's a lose-lose.

venom061489d ago

Hell yeah it sounds promising!! Can't wait to play this one.. New studio, new spin off to a great franchise

husomc1489d ago

Battlefield Hardline looks like it's set to be a massive fail. Dice should re discover their roots

caseh1489d ago

The concept itself is pretty good, they just need to avoid it feeling like BF4 with different objectives and it will probably be quite successful.

Chard1489d ago

Hardline isn't being made by DICE

pompous1489d ago

They are only doing this because of the backlash they got from BF4 and they are afraid to repeat BF4 launch. I'm skipping this title because how BF4 was handled and because this isn't even a true BF game. It's a spin-off taking the BF name to artificially boost it's sales, but EA needs to have that yearly rotations of shooters.

Dirtnapstor1489d ago

They've been making some changes to remove the BF clone look and feel. I hope it pans out. From what I've read, the changes thus far were a no-brainer and were things that should have been there from the start. Especially for a cops and robbers game.
Aside from notoriety's sake, not sure why the Battlefield name is even there.

skulz71489d ago

Just give us Bad Company 3.

It disgusts me how they can give a cops and robbers game the "battlefield" name.

What scares me more is that they said they would love it to turn into a franchise within battlefield.

Real shame. Battlefield is going down the CoD route.

ChronoJoe1489d ago

I think they just need to make sure its a distinctly different game from the regular battlefield titles. People aren't going to be happy with reskinned BF4 so viceral have a lot to do if they want to make it feel different.

One of the smallest changes that might have an impact would be to change the hud. I hate seeing a hud that's virtually the same as BF4 / BF3.

Ghost_Nappa1489d ago

Between the mcc, cod aw, and evolve, can't see myself even renting this game. Besides, I'm still enjoying bf4.