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VGC Review: Metal Gear Solid 4

VGC writes: "One of the most highly anticipated games of the PS3, but was it worth the wait?

Hype is a strange thing. It can kill a game that was decent by creating high expectations before the game is even out. This has made many a disappointing game seem even worse because it had been hyped as a great game for so long. There is a positive side to hype though. When you spend months waiting for a game and hyping it up to be amazing, and the game actually delivers then you have one of the best gaming experiences you could ask for. I'm happy to say that Metal Gear Solid 4 lives up to its hype and delivers in almost every possible aspect."

Presentation – Technical: A
Presentation - Visual: A
Presentation – Audio: A+
Gameplay: A+
Value: A

Overall: A (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) A/A+

Angelitos  +   2597d ago
So, it's like a 9.5?

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