Wii U Weekly Deals: Free amiibo figure w/ Super Smash Bros U pre-order, Pro Controller $40 and more

Wii U deals and sales on Nintendo, Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us, Frys, Groupon, Costco & Play-Asia.

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jacobvogel1192d ago

Just ordered 2 Pro controllers :)

andrewsimons1192d ago

$40 for an official pro controller is a great price.

timothyckeegan1192d ago

Will Amazon's Super Smash Bros. Bundle ever come back?

edgarohickman1192d ago

Sold out for long time. I signed up for notification.

Fullmetalevolust1192d ago

is that the one with the game, the GC controller and GC adapter for $99?

Tom871192d ago

Wish I had Costco nearby.

lebr0n1192d ago

Any chance Amazon might do the same deal as Toys R Us?

andrewsimons1192d ago

No, they don't pm such deals.

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