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Often “throwback” and “old school” are used to praise a title for bringing old ideas to a new generation. Now we have the game which exemplifies just why sometimes a genre should never attempt this. Appropriately for a game featuring zombies, The Evil Within is a shambling Frankenstein monster of successful game mechanics taken from other titles. Everything here screams of the developer trying to play it safe, with little to nothing left to give The Evil Within its own identity in terms of either gameplay or mechanics.

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ritsuka6661520d ago

Despite this crasp review, the game is superb and challenging thank you Mikami for this amazing game survivl/horror to it roots what else Crapcom have forget in the past.

vishmarx1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

agreed.personal goty so far
and a 2/10? that score is reserved for an unplayable mess of title that looks like a ps1 game.this game is certainly far from that,
and what a terribly written review.this guy is a joke.
i request anyone who reads this comment to not give this so called reviewer any more hits

TheJacksonRGN1520d ago

If you are unhappy with this review make sure you vote on its story quality.

Palitera1520d ago

^ as if it had any relevance.

Money talks. And money has talked 120•.

KennersEd1520d ago

Wow 2 out of 10?

Evil Within isn't perfect but that's harsh :/

PeaSFor1520d ago

click bait, nothing more.

Genova841520d ago

It probably is a bit harsh. I haven't played it myself. I almost exclusively pc game, so it's rare I buy games, especially ports, day 1 because of all the initial compatibility issues with them. This game seems to be no exception. Issues reviews have called out are as fillows:

1.No SLI or Crossfire support.
2. Forced letterboxing even for those with ultra widescreen displays.
3. Horrible M&K mapping.

The PC port is just lazy so even if this was a 10/10 those reasons would cause me not to buy it. #3 I can easily fix with my ps3 controller but #1 and #2 just make me sad.

I find reading reviews more useful than review scores. An example I'll give ia IGNs review of FFXIII, It got an 8.9 but the review stated the first 25-30 hours are 100% linear. Which was spot on. It was a GD hallway! That made the game unplayable for me (well I got 6 hours in before I stopped). My point is, I treat the score itself with a grain of salt and use my own decision making power to choose if a game is right for me. At present, this one isn't.

pompous1520d ago

Sorry, but this is id tech 5 and it's been known since last gen that it doesn't do sli/crossfire support so that can't be a complaint as that is an engine thing and not a dev left out feature. So that point is moot. The letterbox and button mapping are legit issues, but there's one problem and that is the game runs well for most on pc.

Gamer4life8881520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

reviews for this game are seriously underwhelming to say the least

Bathyj1520d ago

Reviews in general are becoming more and more irrelevant. I think games media is just scrambling for shock value.

DeadlyOreo1520d ago

I've noticed this, game reviews have been all over the place lately. People really shouldn't rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions anyway.

StrawberryDiesel4201520d ago

I took a chance on it, hated it. It's very clunky and feels too old school. If you want to play an entertaining game by Mikami pick up Shadows of the Damned. It has awesome weapons to kill demon's with and though it too feels old school, it's quite fun. I will stick to the OG Dead Space for horror. Evil Within isn't nearly as tense as Dead Space, that game is classic horror. Horror will officially return with the new silent hill by Kojima, I'm waiting on that for a truly frightening game.

1nsomniac1520d ago

Evil Within is certainly not a great game but a 2/10 is a bit harsh.

--bienio--1520d ago

Lot of crap...8,5/10 easy

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