Secret PlayStation TV feature displays Vita media on the big screen

A secret PlayStation TV feature has been discovered, allowing you to use the device, paired with a PS Vita, as a Chromecast of sorts.

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andrewsimons1521d ago

Wow, never knew about this before.

Tom871521d ago

Great info and tutorial, thanks.

WitWolfy1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I wonder when they'll make the DS4 remote compatible? Seems kinda pointless using the DS3 when the DS4 is clearly the better and only choice for the Vita touch screen games like uncharted and LBP. Seems like their just shooting themselves in the foot.

teflontactics1521d ago

You can already use a DS4 with PlayStation TV, you just can't buy them together at the moment.

WitWolfy1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Half true, the remote still acts like a DS3 controller though. Meaning when you plug it in via USB it detects the remote, BUT the touchpad features wont work anyways so its kinda pointless.

teflontactics1521d ago

Still a better controller than a DS3.

vongruetz1520d ago

The DS4 and its touchpad currently do work on the PSTV. But you need to activate them before it will work. Just hold down the PS button when using the DS4 and then check the box that enables the touchpad.

The problem with games like Uncharted and LBP is that heavily rely on the rear touchpad as well. Uncharted went overboard trying to use all the Vita's unique features since it was a launch title. The front touchscreen was used for rubbings and cleaning artifacts. The camera was used to reveal secrets on blank pieces of paper. The rear touchpad was used for climbing and was the only way to row the canoe later on.

jonnyvito1521d ago

Link to the source? The Reddit user.