3DS Weekly Deals: Kingdom Hearts 3D $22, Super Smash Bros/Pokemon Games Preorder $35 each and more

3DS deals and sales on Nintendo, Amazon, Best Buy, Frys and Costco.

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Tom871489d ago

Anyone bought refurbished products from Nintendo before? Are the products good?

dannygamer1489d ago

Yes, all Nintendo refurb products look new.

edgarohickman1489d ago

Are Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby the same games?

andrewsimons1489d ago

Do Amazon price match Costco?

dannygamer1489d ago

No, I don't think they do.

timothyckeegan1489d ago

A lot of great deals. Thanks OP

Snookies121488d ago

Yeah, it's a really good game, and very integral to the story of the whole series. However, it does do a little too much hand holding with all the tutorials and whatnot. Also, controlling the camera can be a pain if you don't have the other thumb pad.