Project Cars: Best Racer on the Horizon (NYCC 2014)

NYCC 2014 had a large selection of blockbuster games, but one game caught my attention unexpectedly. Project Cars will ignite the simulation racer in you.

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Tom871395d ago

So is this game better than Forza Horizon 2 and Driveclub?

MysticStrummer1395d ago

Depends on what you want from a racer I guess. This could be the best sim on consoles for awhile. We'll see how it turns out.

amiga-man1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Project cars supports Morpheus ( even though Morpheus is yet to release ) which has me interested in this game

Driveclub is filling my driving needs for now though.

Volkama1395d ago

I think they're over-promising, and I don't think they can deliver. It is a crowd-funded game spread across every platform and promising everybody the world. Morpheus support kind of epitomises that.

If my suspicions are misplaced then that's great news, but let's just say I'm not pre-ordering :)

crunkgirlYT7111395d ago

Depends on what racing games your into genre wise. As i stated this game isnt for me since i love open world arcadish type of games but for simulation gamers that love games like fora or grand turismo franchises this may be the game for you. Its all up to preference my friend.

edgarohickman1395d ago

So bad this game got delayed till March

sprinterboy1395d ago

Disappointed with delay, however it does give me time to save for the more expensive wheel now :)

andrewsimons1395d ago

I never played Driveclub or NFS titles on PS4 yet. I think I will wait for Project Cars. The game looks promising.

GreenUp1395d ago

I wish there were more modern vehicles in the D and C classes.

TheVideoGamHer1395d ago

I'm not a racing sim girl, but this game looks good.

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