Sony Santa Monica Developer Praises Studio History: it's "What Gives Our Games an Unique Flavor"

Sony Santa Monica has been through a bit of turmoil lately. The year begun with a round of layoffs and a cancellation of a game, followed by the move to the new location in Playa Vista, and now the house of God of War is hiring again, as we wait for the reveal of its rumored PS4 game.

Yet, according to Senior Technical Artist and veteran of the studio Richard Greenspan, developers come and go, but what makes Sony Santa Monica’s games special is rooted in its history.

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Fizzler1491d ago

Unique? Is that why they've released nothing but the same re-skinned game for over a decade? Get over yourselves...

Rimgal1491d ago

Wow so much ignorance. That could be avoided with a simple google search.

Fizzler1491d ago

Maybe you should read that yourself, it's nothing but collaborations and God of War lol
I feel sorry for Kratos actually, nobody should have to suffer through that many games doing the same things over and over and over again, all I can say is I'm not surprised by what he did at the end of God of War 3!

Rimgal1491d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Yes they help a lot of studios too, just like RAD and thatgamecompany. Making them the most valuable studio that Sony owns. And not only they help out other studios they also create some of the most critically acclaimed games from the last two generations.

Oh btw not only they are creating a new game right now for the PS4 they are also helping out the developers from The Chinese Room to make Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. Another game exclusive to the PS4. But I'm sure you didn't know that either.

GameDev11490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )


You do understand collaborations means employees of Sony santa Monica bringing ideas and working on the games with the other studio, right?

And God of War is hardly re-skinned, keeps itself fresh story wise and battle systen

Let me show you their games page

Ah people like you talking yet having no clue about what they are saying at all

OFF TOPIC: SSM have hired one of the graphics and engine programmer from CD Projekt who worked on witcher 3

GarrusVakarian1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )


*Then proceeds to tear your head off with his bare hands*

remixx1161490d ago

You just gotta love this guy

DarkOcelet1491d ago

I would like to see if you can do better . Stop trolling on everything . Ps4/Xone . You just love to troll .

guyman1490d ago

That's just Extreme ignorance.

Riderz13371490d ago

God of War 1-3 have over 90 metacritic, so they must have done a great job with that "reskinning".

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remixx1161490d ago

Im kinda sad their sci-fi ip got canned, if those rumors are true at least. It would be awesome to see them take a swing at something way outside their comfort zone, kinda like what guerilla games is doing with moving on from killzone to horizon.